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A nobody who just wanted to relax casually
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A nobody who just wanted to relax casually
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Echocalypse | Japanese


Nice intake on used concept, although definitely not a great game, it is something that I prefer to play.

Skipping mobs(Non-named characters) battle WITHOUT the need of actually clearing it once is quite a good idea, and saves a lot of time.
Too bad the game aren't that "Energy Efficient", so barely can clear tutorial on a single go.

The voice and sound synchronization requires a bit more work. For the voice, I am not saying the VA ruins it, but feels like something is missing.
For the music, its is good; but kind of need more balance in-between, moreover upon transition.
The SE, probably need rework. It felt as if its been reused all over.

Three of the major cons here is:
1 - When your game profile level up, your energy doesn't recover, or only recover a bit. Also it is capped at 100, and will never goes up(yet).
2 - Game locks a lot of feature, to access them all we need to be at least on Lv50(probably). I am still at 25 currently. This includes what gacha that can be rolled, I was sure it was story locked, however.
3 - Most of the 'skins/character's outfits' by far, is only obtainable via the purchase of cash; and players are not allowed to purchase them by any other means.
There is at least two obtainable via logins right now, however.
(Aside from Protagonist's outfit)

Well, if you're into 'free skins/outfits', and you're a F2P.
I suggest you to leave this game out of consideration... Unless, you do have someone you truly like/simp for, and do wish to spend for her, I won't stop you. I plan on doing so, myself. 😅

Btw, have I mention that the UI can be in English even though we're on JP server? Yeah, we can have that in this game.

That said, the translation maybe should be done better. I barely understand the twist of its story... As if things are just keep jumping around randomly.

Then suddenly, the story just like, vanished around map10... And somehow "we're forced" to farm stuff.
Which makes me wonder, why "ADV" even used.

At this far, it feels like they're trying to follow what GBF does. I mean, by selling the outfits... But, right now I haven't seen they have anything major for 'how the game is good enough' for a large number of people.
Some people would like it(Myself included), but I still doubt these number is enough.

It reminds me to VirtuaCop, without stage changes.
But that is all to it...

It had a good concept, and might be fun to play... And I heard jiggle physics is a thing on this game...
Unfortunately, coming from me; its not a problem. So I play this game with both hands on phone.

The story and settings is a bit tad interesting, but these kind of apocalypse is not what I favor...
Aside from the usual "2-side of the same coin" which are pretty mainstream concept for "an-eye for an-eye" setup nowadays.
I mean, we have like 2 or 3 other big titles that used the same setup of its world similar to this already...
Again, not saying the term itself is overused, it just not what I would prefer, that's all.

Gameplay wise, not what I would prefer to play. But it is fun, at least. I mean, the jiggles are there, but yeah, just there.

I'd say its pretty much a game for F/TPS fans, but with bishojo. I mean no offense by that though,
(PS: I can't find anyone I would simp besides Marian, yet)

Dolphin Wave


Game supposed to be good, or great, even.

Too bad we are not allowed to have things like game optimization setting before starting up. Idk if they had it, though.
If they don't, I'll say its not a game for casual-able players with low spec device.
Or if I were to put it harshly-
Dev: "Optimization for low spec? No need, they definitely have no money. We only go by NAS@ spec, they whale."

And as someone who barely spend for digital hobbies, I don't think I could.
The came crash a lot for me, and most devices good enough for it, aren't really up to my 'standard', sadly.

Heck, I didn't even get past Tutorial Gacha due to the crashing, not to mention RNG keep cursing me with the UR that I place last on the list of characters I preferably having early game.

She appears like 8 out of 10 when I keep re-rolling.
Like at least 3~4 times repeatedly that I almost actually want to draw her 'ganged' by ugly-bustards later on.

So sad...

ANYWAY, [懵懂]
The game seems nice, the graphics are fancy; since well... That is what they're emphasizing.
No clothes breaking, just girls touched themselves on where it hurts, and your daily fall into the water in swimsuit, nothing new.

So for now, I'll just put it as "just peach beach splash with actual jetbikes that can be ridden", until I got to enjoy it later at unknown date.

Commentators, don't get started with PC topic; all-of-us(you included, but not batteries) knows what we're doing, you are not special. [鬼臉]

Sorry for the bad ratings, to those who can enjoy it, please keep playing.



If anything. I'd say, this is the spiritual successor to Busou Shinki: BattRondo. The graphics was OK, but can get better if it has better optimization, as for gameplay, I personally loved it. Yes, I am more to 'customizing' types rather than 'battling' ones.

I was hoping to find a game like this, and the wish somehow came true, more than glad, I am excited to play this "Gundam Vs Series + Moe + Customization". Not to mention the AI play, similar to BattRondo, I haven't get to play BS:BattConductor, so idk how to compare it to this.

In case if anyone wondering, besides spheres(Gacha Balls). AI skills is also unlocked via battling, this includes traits which you could install to make your electoriar resist to the types of damages besides guarding and defense, and even controls of which weapons you prefer to use, and which one shouldn't.
Which mostly used to keep the ammunition from dried up early battles.

There are many skills and traits that already implemented, so if anyone aimed to be the best, understanding moonrunes MAY be needed.
It MAY not be required if you somehow just get to know what it does when you watched the entire battle while equipping them.

Anyway, this is pretty much my cup of tea. Even though, it still lacking things I hope it should have. I am pretty much loving it.

Battle Girl High School


Almost time for everyone to graduate. If only I have more time to spend with everyone, I would've done so. Thanks for the memories.

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Code 4000 Well duh, obviously. if its busy...
Either that, or my ISP is sheet; but that is less likely. Since I have decent connection on UmaMusu and most 'TheAimEmu" games.
Imma trying PC version later on and see.
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