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D4DJ Groovy Mix


I really like this game ! The characters are so pretty and music is amazing.
Some cards are really weird tho, like the animation or anatomy itself, I don't think it's the first time anyone finds out about some sexualization in this game tho. [汗顏]
Songs and characters I love them ! One of my favorites it photo maiden and rondo. They also have amazing covers ! One unit covered a song from bandori :o [哇噻]
Game play.. I'd definitely say it was made for people already familiar with rhythm games, like bandori players who play expert often. Another note is do not play with your thumbs, it makes it almost impossible.. It has this weird confusing pink slider and the live graphics are sometimes blinding lol, but some flicks like the pink ones definitely have that cool DJ feeling to it !!
Other than that it's pretty fun ! If some specific note types are annoying you (eg, the pink slide) you can turn it into auto so you don't have to play it yourself.
IDK about the story bc I can't read Japanese, but for the gacha itself hmm... Not that good tbh. [大哭]For a beginner as well, grinding is so hard. I don't think you get the gacha currency by FCing hard+ like in bandori, all I know is you get it from events / stories.
Characters are super cute ~!! [開心][開心] they're honestly very gorgeous, I love the art style a lot.

Overall, it's neat ! They have different types of units for the genres you prefer [色色] and if you're familiar with bandori, this game is for you ! [微笑]

Do not play this game if you are mentally ill.

Even if ur lesbian u can be easily attached to the characters bc they're so pretty and loveable [汗顏] because of that do NOT read their stories bc ur gonna start crying so much.. 😭
Speaking of which, some stories are very dark, you can go to the wiki to read them but LISTEN TO THE WARNINGS

The music is amazing I play it a lot my neighbors close the windows [厲害], everything is amazing, but the grinding is a pain in the ass. If ur not careful enough next thing u know you'll see yourself spending so much for a bunch of pixels, even if it was a permanent 4star u can get anytime..

You get 1 single dia per story, and around 3/5 dia per live. That's kinda unfair and makes grinding sooooo slow your loss if your fav gets an event and you don't have enough and ur a strict f2p [大哭]

As good as the game is don't get lured by the 49 pretty people this is literal pain and if ur device format has the camera on the screen it'll probably block one of the notes bc the beatmap shape is a pain for the fingers, it's like curved, making it pretty hard, and the note speed increases a lot based on difficulty. [發怒]

If u have self control tho go for it play the game [不滿]

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Fall decor and outfits!! They're so adorable ,,, ft morfonica my beloveds Read Note
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