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I lovee the characters so much! Their designs and personalities are great :) The gameplay is quite fun, its like a rhythm game with cutscenes. The gacha is pretty taxing. [暈] The storyline is intriguing and the graphics are really good! Just wished they'd release this on Uk and Aus playstore since it would get even more popular.. I wanna play this again but the download pack is too I keep holding it off. I recommend![汗顏]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


I've been playing this game almost since it started, its quite hard at the beginning to get UR/UR+ cards but gradually it gets easier to attain, the characters are super likeable and there is a lot to do, it will certainly keep you busy [發困] The main storyline is interesting and addicting. I rated this one down due to the fact that there is so many events that I hardly have time to get through chapters and it leads to burn out. [驚訝] It also takes quite long to load for never used to happen before and so I hardly play now[大哭] But! I really recommend it! it's a good dating sim, the mc has no fixed gender or appearance. : )

Path to Nowhere


Tbh its really good! I never found myself interested in tower defense games so this is quite the exception. There is not enough things to really keep you busy with especially if you can't get through a battle. Personally, I really struggled getting through some of it even when the recommended level was 1 so I do wish that they'd make it a bit easier ...[發困] The graphics are mind-blowing [無語] and the storyline is interesting, the character designs are great! I recommend trying it out :)

This game has a great storyline and the characters are so intriguing, although the outfits cost money and are quite expensive, there are free ones too and the drop rates for weapons and characters are not bad at all! they're super giving with it. i really like this game and would recommend if you're bored :)

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am i the only one whose struggling with the download pack? [大哭] Read Note
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