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Pretty sure this is obvious
Lovely graphics, Amazing seiyuus, Interesting story, what else could u possibly ask

ok maybe.. a continuation of the main story but so far the events r already fun as it is, tho I am (kinda) experiencing a bit of a burnout at the moment

but I'm still saving up for upcoming marius sssr cards

Nyuru Nyuru Academy EX


Jokes aside, this game is extremely fun to play

Sure the tentacle aliens are weird but that's exactly why I wanted to try it in the first place [怪笑]

There's absolutely no ads plus you can totally speedrun it in a day (if you want to)

To get certain routes you have to increase your stats by going to certain places. After you finished one route and want to start over, your stats won't reset

So you don't have to worry about accumulating those over and over again

Story is Hilarious and lots of plot twists (and you can bet these plot are weird af)

If you're willing to try and translate the texts, then by all means, enjoy :)

ok maybe this might be a bit subjective, but I honestly love this game

they're quite generous honestly.. in the gacha tutorial you get a guarantee 1 ssr Card, and then if you open the mail you'll get 10 gacha tickets + 1 confirmed SR gacha ticket
(but some of these bonuses are only avaible for people who play the game near the release, so if you want the bonuses better start playing now)

To summarize the gameplay... you can log in at 3 different time intervals to collect 30 tickets, BUT these tickets aren't for reading the story, they're used for "jobs" so you can get get coins and materials to level up your cards.
Basically it's kinda like stamina, but to get the tickets you have to login bcs it doesn't recharge within a certain amount of time. However you get a ton of tickets for first time players, and sometimes there are items that can give you extra tickets

to read the story you have to level up and gather some coins and books to unlock the next episode, you can read any of the guy's story without changing route plus you can re-read the previous chapters too

The graphics are beautiful imo, it doesn't have those tiny movement motion other advanced otome games have but I still think the current graphics satisfies me

although since this is new and it's just released, there might be some bugs here and there. Sometimes when I come back to the home screen the BGM suddenly disappears, but then it'll come back not long after

the only struggle is that I'm not fluent in jp (´;ω;`) so I use tap translate screen to read the stories, and yea the translation can get a bit wonky at times

but I do recommend it if visual novel is your cup of tea and you're willing to go the extra mile to translate the game

hope this helps~

PS: Enjonji's seiyuu (the guy with red eyes+ glasses and brown hair) has the same seiyuu as Zhongli from GI and Kaito Ishikawa voiced Sakuma (the semi long black hair guy with glasses)

Bride of the Twilight


ok I've only played the first three chapters, but here goes my review

About the graphics, the background isn't full HD, all the ones I've seen are blurred, though I personally don't mind that since I mainly focus on the characters

The sound was great, especially the voice actors. Jade and Lagen's are my fave personally, one has a calming voice and the other is deep and husky 💕💕💕

the gameplay is just like any other visual novel otoge, you get 3 tickets each day. There's a daily log in bonus and you'll receive points, which you can use to buy diamonds/ more tickets in the shop

and yes.. there are exclusive options that can only be unlocked using diamonds, you can also use them to buy "love points" in the shop, but it's only 5 points for 20 diamonds so I don't think it's worth it

For the storyline, ngl the beginning is a bit lackluster to me (I won't put in the details bcs... spoilers) but this is just my personal opinion + I haven't finished the entire story.

This is probably a good distraction for anyone looking for vampire stories. Just one thing I want to say to the gamedev is

please make a route for Hannes

Because currently we can only get love points for Xion, Lagen, and Jade

I really like his teasings (idk why) but I get the feeling he's putting a distance at the same time

That's all from me, enjoy~

Ok to be fair, I personally like this game bcs of the beautiful graphics, music, and traditional visual novel otoge

Throughout the prolouge all the male charachters are also fully voiced (and goddamn when nokto whispered he makes my knees buckle) which is always appreciated

Plus, after you finish the prologue, they will give you a chance to gacha and it's a GUARANTEE 5 star card AND you can redraw as many times as you like

so yes, so far im satisfied

However, currently there are only three charachters avaible which are Leon, Chevalier, and Yves (but will definitely get more stories avaible in the future)

and second, I'm not sure if this is only happening to me but after i finished the prologue and started gacha, suddenly there was a connection error and i had to restart the game

As i'm writting this, I can't get pass the loading screen after I restarted the game, maybe it's my network or perhaps they're doing maintenance (?)

Will update this if there're any progress but I hope I could continue the story by tomorrow

That's all~~

i had to uninstall and install the game again through playstore, at first i was still stuck at the loading screen but after a few tries i got in, skipped the prologue, n got my sariel

now i can play in peace aaaaaaaaaahhh

2nd edit:

Sorry I forgot to put a bit of warning

for those who aren't familiar with cybird's game, getting diamonds and gacha tickets are hard as an f2p

currently we can only get them through daily log in, which is why mostly I save them up until the banner I want shows up

it takes a lot of patience, but gacha isn't the main attraction of this game

so if you're in for the beautiful illustrations, amazing narration, and breath-taking music, then it's totally worth it

i'm pretty new to touken ranbu so might change this rating later

first of all.. love the music, they managed to give this.. jp historical vibe using classic instruments, very relaxing and fits the overall theme

The graphics might not be as flashy as modern otome games but I say.. keeping their old aesthetic makes the game unique in it's own way

the gameplay is easy to understand and there's something similar to a gacha system called forge where you use materials to get touken danshis (the boys u use in battles)

problem is, there's no drop rates (as far as i know) and i don't see what are the possible touken danshis i'll get

so.. to get the guy u want u could be either extremely lucky or look up recipes

as for the storyline.. im not sure where i can find it (• ▽ •;)

so far i've only done sorties (basically the battle mechanic of the game) and still haven't encountered any storylines

If someone knows where i can read the storyline pls let me know, or if there aren't any also tell me

that's all i have to say for now, sorry if it's not too helpful (٥↼_↼)

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these two.. I just love how irvin and nell are just total polar opposites  Read Note
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