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Hi there! :) I like every game genres, but I mostly like; Puzzle, RPG, TCG, Idle, Rhythm, Otome, BL, and so on! :D
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Hi there! :) I like every game genres, but I mostly like; Puzzle, RPG, TCG, Idle, Rhythm, Otome, BL, and so on! :D
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I played this game for 2 years now (doing it on and off for a while lol) and it's an alright game.

It's basically collecting cards of your favorite good-looking characters and leveling them up to have a powerful sets of cards.

There's 5 different types of power; fire, water, wind, light, and last but not least dark energy.

And you could level your cards into different stages - Light or Dark themed(, and Moon themed one).
You can choose your characters appearance depends on your likings.

But, oh boy, the gameplay? I wouldn't recommend it based on the gameplay itself. To be honest, it's boring as hell - trust me I played this for years. 💀
It is one of those 3 matching games as you all know. 🗿

Overall, it's okay to play for a while when you want to see some cool guy characters of your own, but the gameplay is a meh to me. It got me over time.
But if you like handsome fellas, it'll maybe can be okay to you. 😏

By the way, if you want to play this game with me, here is my friend code: 1107999201😳😉

Wind Boys!


It came out at last!!!

It's one of 'ensemble stars' type of game,
you can; pull gatcha of boys, upgrade them with 3 different note stones which can be obtained while playing, level up with exp cards, and listening to dialogs which is - in my opinion - the main part of the game.

But as it just launched on Nov 15, it does have some issues to be fixed. Such as Google Play connecting problem.

As you expected, this game has a little lack of content so far, but I am expecting it will eventually improve better and better. You could definitely bear that because the characters are so CHARMING for sure.

Also, you can decorate your own 'boards' with the character's card picture that you pulled from gatcha and some various decorative stickers which can be purchased with token from liking others' boards!

I really into characters deeply and hoping developers to add more gatcha cards and event!

And here is my friend code: 1255827336
🌠 Friend requests are always welcomed! 🌠 :)

Daum Cafe


Just letting you know, this is not a game. It's the app of various communities, from Korean web site called Daum.

It contains good and friendly communities, unlike Twitter. But there's some issues tho, some communities are dead - which are covered by spam ads all over.

Other than that, some communities are really good and friendly, even supportive.

I use it almost daily and enjoy writing short conversations with them.

Additionally, it supports English!

One of good idle game!

In this game, you are playing as a museum owner.
You can do; open museum sections, upgrade tools and other items, gather dinosaurs' bones, layout fossils.

As you collect fossils, your museum can gather people to see them and pay to your museum.

You can watch ads to get more people like some kind of booster.

It was nice but it took quite short amount of time to done everything. I highly recommend this game to people who love idle game with cute pixel arts.

Cube Escape Collection


Finally it came out!

Every cube escape series are always good so far.

If you are first playing cube escape, you need to know the order of games. Games need to downloaded one be one. But as this game released you don't need to do that anymore! It shows orders and even hidden achievements inside each of games.

I played the series several times but it was fun to play it again. Nice escaping game, highly recommanded.

Mandrake Boys - Korean


A fine idle game!

In this game, you are collecting various mandrake boys and read the inside story of them.

You can do; collect boys, adventure to collect story, listen to them talking, buy various mandrake seeds, give and take water jug from friends.

I had played this game for a year and made my mind to play it again. Although my previous works was all vanished and eventually forced to restart (because I was an idiot back then who didn't restore the data lol).
But I enjoyed collecting them again every days.

By the way, you MUST RESTORE THE DATA by facebook and avoid lost all data you made. Just do not being me lol.

🌟🌠Use friend inviting code: GXXFWZBRW6
to earn 30 stars!!!🌠🌟

Miracle Merchant


Clever and great card game!

You are the owner of the potion making store. To play, you should select right material from costomers and try to reach high scores.

Every card order is randomized. There's 5 material types; red, yellow, green, blue, and black.

You can earn combo by selecting same colored card 2 times, 3 times, 4 times, or selecting 2 different colored cards 2 times.

I found it very interesting, I even purchased to unlock game's daily achievements system. I highly recommend this game for sure.

Cube Escape: Paradox


One of the great escape game of all time!

I played a lot of escape genre games on pc and mobile. I love the mysterious atmosphere of these cube escape series.

When you first play it, you could find the game's plot is complicated and nonsensical. But as you play, it continues to show the story of what happened and slowly making progress.

It's short but I really enjoyed playing it. I can't wait for the next game!

Detective S


A nice game!

This game is about a private detective who once was police officer. She became one to solve mystery death of her father. Her father was a police detactive found dead as he was searching the serial killer.

This game is 'finding differences' from given two similar picfures. It's simple and has interesting plots.
You can gather suspicious items from the scene and guess who is the murderer.

And you can collect detective and her friend's costume, which can be applied in the story. Costumes can be bought in the store by their cards from collecting picture game.

Also, this game supports English and many other languages!

Livly Island


I have been played this game for about 3 months, when game had just released. I found it really addictive lol.

You can: collect cute creatures, take care of them, buy foods to feed them, buy decorations for your home, dress yourself, water other's plant, collect fruits from friends' tree, make your creatures in different ones by giving them a potion - made from collected fruits, interact with your friends.

I highly recommend to people who love to play relaxing idle game and decorating one's house with cute decorations!

This game is one of those collecting many of characters from gacha game. It's graphic is superb, every single characters have high quality illustrations and even moving itself!

But it has been released years ago, the main system and UI could be cranky for some newly released phones. I use Samsung's Galaxy ultra+ 21 and I fould it to be a little bit frustrating to use game's UI. Some game's manu buttons below and I couldn't easily touch the very left one. Top image of it is under the front camera of my phone.

And just letting you know, it doesn't support English in this game.

Other than that, it's a fine game to play some of times.

Meow Friends


This game is an idle game and it's based on one of the famous webtoon called '냐한남자' - the story of a prince cat named 춘배 in human world. Basically a slice of life genre.

It's about 춘배 opening various stores to gather money for the poor animals and people from animal kingdom like him.

In this game, you can open stores, upgrade stores and 춘배, open facilities in the kingdom, donate to the poor to get a heart (which can be used for collecting animal freinds).

I cleared this game within two days before an update, which is quite short for the game. But developers eventually adding more contents in the game. I think it's an okay game to give a try.

It's an okay idle game.
In this game, you collect materials,
make items from it, sell items to market shelf.
You can gradually open locked item and material section over and over. But, that's all.

You may be find it boring as you continue playing game.

Gakugeidai Junes


This is not a game, it is an official app for a virtual idol group.

As a feature, it includes main stories start from very beginning to present. You also can read the each of members' story.

Other than that, it just lists current information of albums, goods, or videos on official YouTube channel. Nothing is came out really. But I enjoyed the story so far!

Cartoon Network Arcade


This game never loads.
I waited for 15 minutes but it only shows the loading screen. There's even no current loading status. General apps from Cartoon networks are sucks.

Overally, it's quite fun to play this game!

Concept of it is about literally "After Life", characters are reapers. They cure the souls(cute looking monster mobs) that have resentment.

The wholesome contents are like "Ensemble Stars" But gameplay is totally different. You roll the dice and recieve two options to go foward.

Just love it! I would definitely recommand this game!

Wannabe Challenge


I LOVE this game!! I recently hooked up to it.
All the aspects of game are just perfect.

There's total 4 main characters;
Tea-hee Kim, Eun-gyul Yu, Bio Kang, and Hyun Ha.
Game play is kinda TCG - collecting cards and clear stages. The card graphic is all high quality and steady. Also, you can read sub stories of each characters!
(Additionally, Christmas event is coming!)

If you want to be friend with me, here's my code: 324962695294



이 게임은 처음에 맛보기로만
플레이 할 수 있게 되어있고
나중에 다양한 캐릭터들을 사용하려면
완전판을 결제해야한다.

게임모드에는 총 3가지가 있는데,
연습모드, 1vs1 대결모드, 온라인모드
(온라인모드는 결제 후 사용 가능) 가 있다.

플레이할때 스킬이 사용 가능한데
초반에 주어진 주인공 (유리토) 만 사용할 수 있다.

그래픽이나 전체적인 게임 분위기를
상당히 높은 퀄리티로 잡아놔서
플레이하는 동안은 지루하지 않았지만,
어떻게 보면 너무 색들이 현란해서
조금 헷갈리기도 했다.

30분 정도 플레이 했지만 노트 판정은 별로...
아예 이것보단 사이터즈같은
다른 리듬게임을 하는게 훨씬 나을듯하다.

Monster Basket


게임을 2시간 정도 해봤지만
좀 쉽게 질리는 느낌이다

게임상에서 뽑기에 쓰이는 다이아를
퍼주는 운영방식이고
가장 높은 5성도 자주나오는 편이지만
종류가 굉장히 제한적이다
(카드의 그래픽은 그럭저럭이지만)

메뉴가 좀 정리가 안된느낌이고
무엇보다도 게임하는 내내 재미가 없었다..

전체적으로 괜찮은편.
좀 아쉬운 점이라면 플레이 할 수 있는
곡이 굉장히 한정적임.

일러스트 퀄리티도 좋긴하지만,
아직 뽑기 이벤트가 열리지 않아서
현재 보석으로 뽑을 수 있는 5성은
5개 밖에 되지않는다.

그리고 왠지 모르게 노트 박자가
약간 안 맞는듯한 느낌도 있다.

+ 게임내에 점수를 올리는 방법이
좀 애매하다.

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Out of service💀 The official dev team announced months ago
that they are going to discontinuing Molang's Dream Wardrobe as well as their promised upcoming camping idle game.. 😔
I was genuinely all for these Molang related games about an year or so, and they are going to rule out all the game beacause of financial issue😭😫
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