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The only thing annoy me was the background music,overall I would rate 8/10.

Car Parking Multiplayer


Still laggy idk why,the control kinda hard but im still enjoying it

This game fun af,run smoothly on my cheap phone and the luck getting 4star skill pretty high too.

Veru fun game,great time killer since imma bleach fan

Even tho my phone is potato but it run smoothly 😂



Can't afford UNO irl,good thing they have UNO online

Clash of Clans | Global


Been playing a long time ago,keep the cool update.

Boom Beach


Kinda the same as CoC, grinding,waiting for the upgrades,raiding.

Brawl Stars | Global


Not a big fan of Supercell but this game pretty good.

It's kinda like f2p game but some characters are time limited which is we need to spend some money to get it.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang


Been playing since season 3,keep the cool update.[暈]

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