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It's fine, but way too poorly optimized.

Heaven Burns Red


After a few days playing, I must say this game is one of my favorites. The graphics are superb, the soundtracks/BGM are worth dancing to, the game play for me is entising and it's not just a boring turn-based blow exchanges. With the variety of decision making you can make for every skill use and/or every time you recover DP based on multiple factors like enemies count, priority enemy, type advantage/disadvantages, character switch, break timing, overdrive timing etc... it is quite interactive. Sure that it is still turn-based but the character skillsets and level designs are already good enough to justify a supposedly boring type of game play. In fact I enjoy it quite a lot more than most other turn-based RPGs.

As expected of Jun Maeda and Key, the visuals are amazing and the story is engaging. Well of course you'd miss the story part if you cannot read/listen to Japanese, but regardless, the level of investment is very huge (almost every line is voiced except for narrative lines) and this will give you an enjoyable experience nonetheless. The story's setting is a bit weird for my taste but after going through it all, the Cancer - Seraph settings are mostly auxiliary, while the character-to-character interactions and dialogues take the main spotlight for the story.

I have zero complaints, there's no bugs or glitches, there is little to be improved. One that I can think of is the interactions tied to SP recovery skills, but it's a very minor detail and it's not even a concern for most. SS characters are also way stronger than S characters, but S characters have up to 10 breakthroughs so it's not a big deal at all. Gacha is expensive, but you don't need overpowered characters to play a single-player game. Gear progress may be a bit slow but again, it doesn't matter very much.

Overall it's definitely a top-tier game. For me it's worth playing, and all the expectations I've had since 2020 are already fully satiated

I don't know what kind of flashy gameplay people even expected on a story-heavy game. Most of these people reviewing in English here just don't know Japanese and don't feel like translating it, so they miss out the literal essence of the game and focus on the game play, which by the way is not the main thing. For some weird reasons, it received negative reviews because they literally don't get it? Like is it even the game's fault that you signed up for something that wasn't designed for you? I could say the same about how FGO offers shit tier anything and still gets applauses out of thin air because of the franchise.

EX skills? Ultimste skills? Why? Unnecessary. If you want to get a kick out of high-paced action go play PC games or something. This is an atmospheric game where you're supposed to discover their stories, not masturbate to skill animations. Also please, you wanna put your phone to overload with heavy animation? Up to you, but a lot of people don't take them risks because it would be stupid.

The story has 9 chapters, with a bunch of quests and quest stories, character stories even, and y'all play for 2-3 days then proceed to complain while not even trying to discover all of it. I bet a bunch still struggle with the menu navigation. The game tells you to "read", not play through and skip like a wind blowing through a pond. If you read the tutorial you'd know the aims of these but let me be real, I don't think peabrains can bother.

Ah, the money issue. Yes. Get a damn job perhaps. Maybe that would help since you pay nothing and expect it to flood you with freebies. The currencies aren't even that expensive.

And pity on gacha? For real? And for what? If you feel like you love gacha that much you can always reroll for 2B or A2 or 9S, even 063 if you're a fan of him. 3★ characters are beyond usable enough.

I'm not saying the game play is great either. Simply stating that criticizing their game play and say something like "copying game abc" or "gacha this gacha that" is nonsensical. Both literally aren't the focus of this game. It's like giving a student grade C because they had a fault irrelevant to the main points.

[不滿] but keep on being disappointed at things that were literally told to you. You made the choice to play it so at least make a sensible argument on something that actually matters.


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