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I'm Vel/Haruto | Hello fellow producers and directors! MadaraP, ReiP, RinneP | Octavinelle and Malleus simp. Let's be friends~
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I'm Vel/Haruto | Hello fellow producers and directors! MadaraP, ReiP, RinneP | Octavinelle and Malleus simp. Let's be friends~
Game Comments (2)

I've been addicted to this game for a long time, It's a long story when I saw a fanart of Octavinelle and I really love it! At that time i want to download this game but my phone doesn't want to download it, and my friend helped me to know how to download it and finally this game had been in my phone for one year (人*´∀`)

I love this game, the graphics is great! The gameplay is pretty easy to know and somehow i think it was kinda boring for me, that's because the game can doing it by itself, like loop mode or auto mode while playing flying/history class and magic test, also I know some of voice actors that I like was here!

The storyline is the greatest part! Yana Toboso sensei really gave her fans a twist like the game name. I really feel bad for all of dorms leader (except Jamil because he's vice dorms leader) who had been overbloted before, their backstory was sad and it makes me want to give them a happy ending for their life. ಥ‿ಥ

Also the card illustration is very stunning! The SSR card, even the SR card have a pretty illustration!!

The hardest part in this game is the gacha, It's really hard to get a SSR somehow it depends on how lucky you're, but i usually get a SSR after 20x pulls or maybe 60x pull, but you can get a guarantee SSR after 100 pulls.

To get gems in this game is pretty easy to get, from doing weekly mission, doing battle magic from main story, doing rhythm from main story, read personal story, doing flying or history class and from login bonus.

You can say that i'm an Octavinelle fans that i really love Azul and the twins relationship, after for a while playing this game i love Malleus, Idia and Cater too ( ꈍᴗꈍ)

To be honest, i don't really know about enstars before, i tried to download it cause i saw some of voice actor that i really like here.

This game is really good! The story, the characters, and especially the songs, their voice really match well to each other. All of the characters are lovable, it's hard to only choose one or two character as your favorite.

For me, the rhythm is good too, i can play all songs except the lv 30 songs (the beatmap is hell for thumb player like me)

The 3D Mode is going well when i played it with a few members, but when i played it with many members it makes the notes laggy. 3D MV is a huge points for me, the 3D modeling, the graphics is great! it's so smooth.

Oh right, gacha. Gacha is really hell if you a F2P, there's no pity to get a single 5★ but depends on how lucky you're.

Dias is hard to get too, the way you can get dias are from perfect combo a song (easy, normal, hard, expert difficulty) get B to S+ score (it give you 7 dias) and from monthly mission in multi live (you can get 30 dias if reach 200 times played in multi live and reach 10 million score) also you can get dias from login bonus too (15 per week) it's not include the birthday character login bonus, anniversary login bonus, etc.

The event in this game divided into 2 system, tour event, shuffle and unit event. It's easy to get a 5★ in tour event since you can choose one of 5★ in day 30. But in unit event and shuffle event it's hard to get 3,5 million for aim a 5★ (if you're a F2P you must use your dias and sacrifice sleep time to get 3,5 million)

But everything in this game is really great! I love it, also i'm a UndeadP, MaMP/Double FaceP, and Crazy:bP

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good, it's Trickstar event, and look at Mao unbloomed card! it's so pretty, plus the song is gorgeous, the vibe and how they shoot it in the school, i love it!! I really want him but my dias said, no. I just going to get Hokke then [委屈][委屈] good luck for you who want to get him in the event! [鬼臉][鬼臉] Read Note
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