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I think this is a cute game, its mechanics are a lot like Mr. Love (idk if thats's the actual game name but it's the one where you're a director and there's victor, gavin etc.) in the way you upgrade cards and progress to the next stage. Characters like Heli and Eve (i love eve) are a bit pushy from the get go which can make some people uncomfortable especially since the beginning the story makes it seem that its' not something you want but they still try to force themselves on you. It's hard to get diamonds so my advice is to just hoard them because you'll be needing them to buy a lot of items and other stuff for dates. I do appreciate the ads that come with rewards the devs are generous with it, even still though it is difficult to earn back diamonds once you spend all of them unless you want to put money in this game. I'm not too far into the game yet but I find the music and aesthetics really pretty and pleasing so yeah

I surprisingly really enjoy this game! I think it's really cute and I really like the idle gameplay style. The gacha I would say is fair and it's easy to get SSR characters, I would say the different skins would be harder than obtaining the characters themselves haha. There is limited dialogue for each character when you make them your home screen, I wish there was a bit more interaction with characters and such. The secret date concept is interesting but I wish we could earn different gifts instead of having to buy macaroons for each one to raise their affinity level. Only a few characters have a secret date option as well. There really really isnt any ongoing storyline or main plot point, but it's still enjoyable nonetheless.

Food Fantasy | Global


It's actually a really fun game. I wasnt sure about it at first but I really do enjoy the game. It has a weird gacha system where the normal pool only allows you to draw 6 cards max at a time instead of 10 and the pool for skins is a larger amount than for the pool with the actual characters. I really like how every character has only one card, and to change their appearance or outfits you need to collect skins. It soothes my impulsive urges to keep pulling for new cards cause im a collector. The shard system for forming characters is good if you have the patience for it. It's fairly easy to level up and collect rewards. The game is very very generous when it comes to handing out rewards like things that can be used for the normal gacha pool, items to level up your characters, little chests containing random itemsz etc etc. It's fairly easy to continue pulling at the gacha pool because of how easy it is to earn those little bell thingies. I probably pull one or two times a day (each 6 card pool costing 900). Though the rates arent that good, I do like how we're able to combine shards to make them into a different character's though who it becomes is at random. I like the intimacy system with the characters because you feel more connected to them as you use them knowing that there disposition towards you is growing. The attitudes of each character is something I enjoy because of the great variation. The restaurant system is okay, tbh I don't really pay attention to it too much cause I'm more focused on the battle aspect of the game, but it's fairly easy to get a hang of. The making of recipes is something I enjoy as well I find it to be pretty fun along with using them to feed your characters and ship them off for deliveries. I really like the fallen angels system, because battling against them in battles is really cool and some of them are really cute and I want to have them in ny collection. The little embryos that must be hatched in order to obtain one are really cute as well. It's fairly easy to obtain them (though you have to hit a certain level before you can access this system or the area to get embryos). I wish we could be able to actively use them in battle because I think that would be really cool but they're only used to add extra bonuses and stats to characters. I think this is a really good game and I do recommend trying it out



I'm an avid rhythm game player and I absolutely love fan made charts to see people's creativity, but this game doesn't do these charts justice. It's way too laggy and the hit reaction when tapping a note is very frustrating and messes up your gameplay when there is a short distance between the next note in a lane. I really do love the music that is in this game though but the way the song charts are run on this game is very difficult and hard to maneuver. Maybe it's because I dont really know how to adjust my settings properly to get the charts to coordinate with my taps, but it doesnt seem to let me reset to the default settings when I change something. It's a creative game but it just runs poorly

Really cute and soothing game. I really like the aesthetic and music and the littles ones in the game. If you're looking for a game that's cute and can help you unwind I highly recommend giving this game a try

Devil Kiss


So far a really nice game, but the google linking doesn't work and i kinda wanna save my progress through my Google account. Also for good choices you have to pay with gems, which are very hard to gather and you can only watch ads every so often so it's kinda a turn off for me. The story is interesting and I really like how Jay is a woman because you don't really see that in otome games, idk I just think it's really cool that that there's a woman cause of mu bisexual ass haha. overall this story is interesting and if you dont mind waiting and grinding diamonds then it'll be a fair experience for you

Tiny Bubbles


A really good game, it's very calming on the easier levels and it's really pretty to watch. A fun game to play to pass the time

Simple and really fun game, basically just tapping your screen with chibi pixeled touhou characters help battle monsters and other characters. I find it to be really cute. Ads arent too much of a problem and watching ads for gems or coins is really nice considering how generous the amount is. I really like how there is a chance to collect a character's card after defeating them. There are so many characters so you wont get bored, pulling characters is really fair too, ive been playing for the past ten minutes and ive already pulled about 10ish characters so it's fairly easy to get character. Overall, a really fun and cute game to play if you like tohou and idle games

Touhou Danmaku Kagura


An actually really fun rhythm game, believe it or not this game is what introduced me to Tohou Project and I've played the actual games now because of this. The gacha rate is pretty good in my opinion, the game is very generous on giving of those rainbow orbs that can be used for gacha and gacha pull tickets. the events are simple and easy to follow and you dont have to grind too much to get the card rewards. the music is fairly nice, there's a mix of both instrumental and vocal songs within the game and there's tons of songs within this game with a new one coming out during each event i believe. the gameplay is really smooth and i really like the green notes make. you're able to adjust speed of the notes and the brightness of the background on the screen which is really nice because it can throw me off at times. overall this is a really good game to play whether it's to grind or simply use for leisure

Really cute game, perfect for anyone who loves adorable penguins. It's not difficult and you dont have to grind or wait too long to evolve your penguins. Cute game to cheer you up when down

I've rated this game a while back but never left a comment so I thought it would be a good time to do it now. I've been playing this game since it was first released and it's a really great game. It's new player friendly as you're able to get a ton of gems just by playing through songs and level ups and reading stories and seeing character interactions. Once you gradually make your way through the game it's more difficult to farm gems and consists of way more grinding if you dont want to pay for gems for gacha pulls. I'm currently level 201 so I understand the pain of trying to gather enough gems to do a 10 gacha pull for a new event banner. I really like the storyline and the different side stories each group has. The music is really nice, consisting of songs that are familiar to vocaloid listeners as well as new songs from different artists that are well used in the game. The covers of the songs are nice, I think they're great. I also like the option of being able to just leave the song with it's original singer, say V Flower or Gumi. If you dont want to hear the cover there's always an option to play the original version of the song so I think that's really nice. The events are really cute though can be a bit grindy depending on the cards you have collected. Gacha rates arent the best, you have to be really lucky to get a 4 star. They implemented a system where if you pull enough 10 pulls and convert them into green tickets, you can get different cards from previous events which is nice as well. As you play through the game and spend your gems on gacha, the green tickets will pile up gradually. The pink tickets do not offer the same effect though, it just lowers the amount of tokens you need from a current gacha from 300 to 200. I was confused by this feature for a while. The only real problem I have is how laggy and slow the song chart becomes if you're playing a 3D MV while playing the chart, because of this I have my default set to play only 2D MVs. Overall, this is a really good game whether you're a vocaloid fan or not. If you enjoy rhythm games this is definitely something you should try out



so far as i can tell, theres really no story that goes along with it, so it's like a casual kind of rhythm game like those beat tile games, but i really like the aesthtic and the feel of it. the notes bounce and change all over the screen similar to cytus which i like because it's unexpected. very similar gaming style, note tapping wise, to cytus as well .the songs are all definet vibes for me and overall it's a really good game. it's a fun game to play when you want to pass the time or just casual play with. however, i believe that there should be less note movement in normal mode, because it's just normal. hard mode by all means go crazy, make the note taps go all over the screen, but i feel like normal modes of songs should belong in hard. also when you switch the tapping setting from easy to hard it says that hard tap mode registers more accuracy but it doesnt register any of my taps most of the time even when im on point. it's fun though and i like how you dont have to pay money to unlock characters or songs, you just need to score an A or higher in the songs you play

The World of "Do"


not as fun as i would have expected. it's very laggy and the graphics arent that well made so to say. this was built for older versions of andriods so i guess that's understandable. it's fairly easy to play but it can be very slow and lagging

The Westport Independent


one of the few games ill actually give a 5/5. this is a really good representation of what censorship is like and how the media is portrayed. very well done. the game play and editing is really nice. i love the soundtrack of this game it really sets the mood. overall i really do enjoy this game and i find it very eye opening and beautiful

RoseAndCamellia | Global


baha, a hilarious and fun game. it makes me laugh every time it's very entertaining and fun. i do admit sometimes my swipes dont register which makes it very hard to dodge and slap which can be a bit frustrating at times. overall it's a simple and enjoyable game and i highly recommended it for those who want to have a good laugh

DOLL | Japanese


I really do like this game. it's fun and really sets that spooky atmosphere. the art work and sounds are really fitting. the storyline is compelling and captivating. if you do not understand japanese im sure you could find many guides on this game as a play through. it's a beautiful game and one of my favorites

i like the game. it's fun and the characters are interesting and dynamic i love their designs. the gameplay is nice and simple, i wish for there to be more interaction with others in your guild but it's nice as it is with the little trivia groups and guild hall. the storyline is really compelling and your characters level up their max cap as you level up which i think is really cool. the summoning rates are fair and i dont mind them at all. the game offers plenty of opportunities to obtain tarot cards to summon and so far ive already done about 40 summoning gacha pulls and havent spent a single buck (note that i just started playing today) and with each 10 pull comes with a guaranteed sr or higher card which i think is really nice. overall it's really fun and the side quests and stories are really great as well

Vinculum Hearts


i like this game it's really nice. the background music and the voices of the characters are really nice. it's an old game but it's fun and enjoyable to play. the characters are complelling and interesting and i love them all

was really surprised by how much i like this. the playing really differentiates this game from other rhythm games. it's still tapping and holding but it resembles guitar hero and those other in arcade rhythm games. the characters are well thought out and well rounded. gacha rates arent bad and they give out plenty of four star cards which is really nice. the music is something i really like as well. the songs the voice actors sing really blend well with their voices and suit them. interesting plot and storyline as well very different from most otome games as well. the game is really generous with gems and the overall gameplay and experience is fantastic. the interactions and music is top notch i love this game very much

Pacar Animal


fun and cute game. though it says it's in english it is not and im not quite sure what language it's in. however it's fairly easy to understand what's going on even if you dont speak the language. the background music is nice and the two romance options are both lovely and well corresponding with each other.

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