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The World of "Do"


not as fun as i would have expected. it's very laggy and the graphics arent that well made so to say. this was built for older versions of andriods so i guess that's understandable. it's fairly easy to play but it can be very slow and lagging

The Westport Independent


one of the few games ill actually give a 5/5. this is a really good representation of what censorship is like and how the media is portrayed. very well done. the game play and editing is really nice. i love the soundtrack of this game it really sets the mood. overall i really do enjoy this game and i find it very eye opening and beautiful

RoseAndCamellia | Global


baha, a hilarious and fun game. it makes me laugh every time it's very entertaining and fun. i do admit sometimes my swipes dont register which makes it very hard to dodge and slap which can be a bit frustrating at times. overall it's a simple and enjoyable game and i highly recommended it for those who want to have a good laugh

DOLL | Japanese


I really do like this game. it's fun and really sets that spooky atmosphere. the art work and sounds are really fitting. the storyline is compelling and captivating. if you do not understand japanese im sure you could find many guides on this game as a play through. it's a beautiful game and one of my favorites

i like the game. it's fun and the characters are interesting and dynamic i love their designs. the gameplay is nice and simple, i wish for there to be more interaction with others in your guild but it's nice as it is with the little trivia groups and guild hall. the storyline is really compelling and your characters level up their max cap as you level up which i think is really cool. the summoning rates are fair and i dont mind them at all. the game offers plenty of opportunities to obtain tarot cards to summon and so far ive already done about 40 summoning gacha pulls and havent spent a single buck (note that i just started playing today) and with each 10 pull comes with a guaranteed sr or higher card which i think is really nice. overall it's really fun and the side quests and stories are really great as well

Vinculum Hearts


i like this game it's really nice. the background music and the voices of the characters are really nice. it's an old game but it's fun and enjoyable to play. the characters are complelling and interesting and i love them all

was really surprised by how much i like this. the playing really differentiates this game from other rhythm games. it's still tapping and holding but it resembles guitar hero and those other in arcade rhythm games. the characters are well thought out and well rounded. gacha rates arent bad and they give out plenty of four star cards which is really nice. the music is something i really like as well. the songs the voice actors sing really blend well with their voices and suit them. interesting plot and storyline as well very different from most otome games as well. the game is really generous with gems and the overall gameplay and experience is fantastic. the interactions and music is top notch i love this game very much

Pacar Animal


fun and cute game. though it says it's in english it is not and im not quite sure what language it's in. however it's fairly easy to understand what's going on even if you dont speak the language. the background music is nice and the two romance options are both lovely and well corresponding with each other.

interesting and spooky. it is a bit hard to move around at times with the controls which can be a bit frustrating especially during chase scenes where you have to quickly turn and go around objects. the enemies move quite fast and i love and hate it at all the same time. fun and challenging but not too challenging.

i like it. interesting storyline and nice gameplay. my only complaint is the background noises. it always plays a thud thud thud noise which i guess is supposed to create a spooky atmosphere but for me it does the opposite. all the noises of the little reapers and monsters get drowned out by the background noise so it's difficult at times to hear them and see them coming. the way you play on your phone reminds me of like playing on those old ds' because the game isnt full screen, half of it is the game and the other half of the screen is the controls. i dont really mind it tho. it's a good game and i like it alot

Nightmare Harem | Global


beautiful game and visuals. the pacing in the beginning if a bit too fast if you ask me but i don't particularly mind. the background music is beautiful and all the characters are loveable in their own way. i wish link our google play accounts for data transfer that would be a nice addition to this game but the id password stuff is fine by me very interesting storyline i love this game

intriguing storyline, i love the art style and plaything of this game it resembles ikemen's style of otome games which sint bad. my only complaint is the lack of sound. i wish there was some background music playing with the game because it feels a bit lackluster without any sound.

Jump! Phantom Thief Girl


fun, easy, simple. perfect game to play when you want to pass the time. thete character sprites are so precious i love the phantom thief girl she's adorable. the levels get more difficult even though there are only about 8 levels with 3 stages in each level. you can always replay the levels i really do enjoy this game. recommended for those who like jump, flick, and tap games like temple run.

very good game. i like the puzzles and how many steps you take determines the fate of the characters you're supposed to save in the game. there are only two save and load spots so i suggest having one save for the start of the game or where you have the least amount of steps and use the second slot and save right before you take an action that threatens a character's life (ex- turning on the saw that is on top of the girl to go inside a compartment) the puzzles are challenging and i appreciate the hints and clues they give you. if you still dont know how to pass a certain puzzle there are plenty of walkthroughs online and on youtube and you should definitely check them out.

Murder room


fun and interesting game to play. the graphics are really nice and the story line is wonderful. i love the puzzles and clues in this game it makes it really enjoyable to play. i wish there was a load and save option because that would make things much easier. some puzzles i get stuck on for a while but after figuring them out feels so rewarding. really recommend this for those who like puzzle rpg games i like the build up of the creepy atmosphere. there are glitches here and there hopefully they will get fixed soon. would be nice to add a tutorial for those who are new to these kinda of games as well making our character move a bit faster because they are a bit slow when i try to move them around. very lovely game i enjoy it very much

Kokoro Inside


really loved this game. interesting storyline and playing is absolutely wonderful. i love the atmosphere of the game and it's very enjoyable for me to play. really recommend it for those who love good rpg games and storyline. i love the puzzles and interactions

Minipet M - Puppy


fun and easy game to play. recommended for those who like cute puppies and want to pass time with clicker/evolution games. fairly easy to understand and play. it is a bit slow and laggy but hopefully that will improve soon. the doggos are cute and it's fun to play and come back to from time to time

Nightmare Land


fun and interesting. can be very difficult for those who do not speak japanese. currently in the process of creating an unofficial game guide for this game. i love these kinds of indie horror rpg games and it reminds me of ib but carnival themed (not saying that they copied or anything ajdjjsjs) i really do like this game

fun horror game. it's a simple and easy game to play and it's spooky and terrifying hehe. even if you dont speak japanese the game is fairly easy to understand and you'll figure out pretty quickly how to place the game. good game to play when you want a spook

Potion Maker


i like this game. it's fun and easy to do. i love playing this game when i need to kill some time. all the characters are so cute and i absolutely adore all aspects of the game. it is a bit repetitive but i dont mind all mixing new ingredients to create new potions is very fun haha.

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