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You probably know nothing about me.
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You probably know nothing about me.
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LINE Webtoon


Originally downloaded this because I thought this was the official line msging app. Best mistake ever made.

Spotify Music


obviously p2w. 5/5

Genshin Impact


I've been playing this game right from launch but I didn't want to write a review before getting more familiar with the game but with the release of 1.2 I feel like I'm at a point where I can trust myself with writing a fair review. Before I start I wanna say that I am completely f2p.

Now, first of all let'a get the gacha out of the way. This game's gacha system is... okay? Yeah it's pretty okay. It's not super rewarding or f2p friendly but it'a nowhere near as bad as fgo or knights chronicles. There are 3 banners; a character rate up banner, a weapon rate up banner and a non-rate up/story(?) banner. The currency used for the stoy(?) banneris different so I recommend only use those with that banner. Also there is a pity system so I recommend you looking that up.

K, now that the boring stuff is out of the way, let's get on to the good stuff. First of all the graphics are way above most mobile games, maybe besides a few like Sky and Dragon Raja, but you need a fairly powerful phone to be able to run the game at acceptable levels. With the 1.2 update they added an option to make tge game run at 24fps for those people who want to experience the game's beauty without cpu throttling. It's a great option for casuals like me who doesn't want to be overly competitive with the game.

As for sound, it's honestly my favourite part. The soundtrack is amazing and Iisten to it regularly before going to sleep every night.

The gameplay is perfect, atleast for me. It is highly inspired by Zelda BotW and that's reason enough you should be playing this. Just like BoTW this game has a built in chemistry system that affects the you, your enemy and certain parts of the environment and you have to make clever use of that fact to to cause damage and defeat your enemies.

The story is just as good as all the other parts of the game and the only gripe I have is the fact that they went with silent protagonist aproach. It's not bad, but it bugs me a lttle too much.

also quick note. game is over 10gb now



Amazing port of the game. Honestly surprised at how well the game runs.
The game looks outdated but it looks like they've bumped up the graphics by a tiny bit from the PS VITA version that I played before. The controls take some time to get used to and the camera is an anoyance considering how hard it is to rotate. The combat does what it needs to but it really feels dated by now. The story and the soundtrack, on the other hand, has everything that a fate fan can ask for. The story is immersive and fun story with love, redemption and even a dash of betrayal thrown in.

This game is hands down the best game you can play on mobile. No other game has come close to it. No matter how I try to stop it I keep coming back lol. (>﹏<)
If you are looking to get into the game, the best advice that I can give you is to have patience. The key to enjoying the game is to not try to push it. Don't use the gacha as soon as you get enough resources. Save them at first. There are certain battlesuits that you can acquire through the main and various side stories. Use them at first. Don't ever try pulling for battlesuits or weapons until you can go through an entire evnt banner.

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I got 5 #Movember 
Lord Twigo[怪笑] and Escanor have the best facial hair in anime. Solid snake had a pretty good 'stache in MGS4 and Naked Snake looked glorious in Peace Walker.
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