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Tsukino Paradise


I've known tsukiuta since 2015, and now I like all of the tsukino pro's idol. the art is 100 out of 10. The game was so good that I don't mind to start from scratch again after my old account got a bug :") the song was catchy and awesome. the probability to get good card was actually high (the me who usually didn't lucky with gacha are actually got alots of 4☆ card on tsukipara) and to collect the jewel for the gacha was actually fair enough. the most thing i like about tsukipara is the live pass ticket system. while others usually have little pass/life when still lv 1, tsukipara had the same amount maxed pass when you were lv 1 or 100. and the time we need to wait to it fully recover wasn't that long. and if you want to got more passes, spending jewel wasn't the only way. so even you don't want to spend money on this game, you'd still played this game fine∼

ps : sorry for the grammar error (¯―¯٥)

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when you come to the point where you felt bored with the game but then remembering the hard day while playing the games and at the end you just keep the game in ur phone but never played it  Read Note
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