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Dead by Daylight Mobile


I've reinstall this game like thrice. but the game always disappointed me. the first installing the game crash and can't open. then I wait until another ver release. the second, the app would open but matching get so long that I've once waited until 30minutes and nothing. uninstalled and wait again for another version. the third one, I can enter the match! but its so laggy I even stuck between the trees and can't go away. I tap everywhere on the screen but no reaction. the only thing I could is back to my home/wallpaper phone. uninstalled.

I'll just comeback again after the reviews get more better. it seems many of you still struggling with this. [發困]

Identity V | Global


Idk but i just need to give a quick feedback.

I stumbled upon this game bcs I've been watching my fav youtuber playing this game. the more i play, the more i found enjoyment in there. eventhough I'm still nowhere like people who had mastered this. I mainly played as survivor. played as hunter just occasionally. I usually using Doctor for survivor, and Hell Ember for hunter. They are the characters that i found comfortable for my clumsy skills.

The gameplay are so interesting. just like any other asymmetrical game yet felt so different too. the graphics is god level. The characters are so unique & recently I've been searching the details about their backstory too. many things that this game can offer to you.

if only they provide voice chat or at least custom message chat in the match, it'll be more great. I've been dying bcs I can't get to tell the exact thing I want to tell to my teammates.



Tsukino Paradise


I've known tsukiuta since 2015, and now I like all of the tsukino pro's idol. the art is 100 out of 10. The game was so good that I don't mind to start from scratch again after my old account got a bug :") the song was catchy and awesome. the probability to get good card was actually high (the me who usually didn't lucky with gacha are actually got alots of 4☆ card on tsukipara) and to collect the jewel for the gacha was actually fair enough. the most thing i like about tsukipara is the live pass ticket system. while others usually have little pass/life when still lv 1, tsukipara had the same amount maxed pass when you were lv 1 or 100. and the time we need to wait to it fully recover wasn't that long. and if you want to got more passes, spending jewel wasn't the only way. so even you don't want to spend money on this game, you'd still played this game fine∼

ps : sorry for the grammar error (¯―¯٥)

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The feeling when you wanted to play your old games and then you just know they were stopped the service like one month ago. its like "if only i was one step a head, i'll have more good memories with them" - R.I.P tsukipara(´◉‿◉`) Read Note
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