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Give everyone a short intro!
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Give everyone a short intro!
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A pop-up shows up telling us to download the game with Google play... Also this is a demo i believe.

Well-made, yet simple escape game. Nothing too fancy but gameplay just work with no difficulty.

An idle game that is long to complete, but I will eventually get to the end, I hope soon.

It's not a bad game but it's not something exceptional, that's it. (=average idle game)

It imitate Atelier, but as an idle game.

Touhou Fantasy Cave


Really good RPG, just a little too long due to daily restriction. I got stuck near the end because my characters aren't strong enough or I'm bad, I don't know.

Dungeon&Girls: Card RPG


Good game, really cute monsters. Can be a little grindy after a few hours

Defense Witches2


This good game died some years ago. Too sad I cant play it anymore...



Really good card game, with lot of intense battles, strategy, and LUCK. But really nice hardcore game.

Touhou Slash


Really good Idle game, I've spend so many hours to work on strategy to beat certain bosses. And many hours to grind hearts...

Toho Kaden


Good game, I didn't play it much, have to remember to edit this when I play it more.

Defense Witches


Server died some years ago, too sad it no longer be downloadable here. But you'll find it at some place, if you search a bit.

Kana Tales


Sword Girls when? Kana Tales NOW!

Uncensored version of the cards feels great!

Collecting fairy


Just a cute fairy idle game. There is some hidden references and it's in Japanese, you wouldn't understand.
Still didn't unlock everything, it's very long.

It misses layers, and import/export projects. But really good community(I mean good artists)

A Girl Adrift


It's a cool game, I have to wait 1 whole year to have the Item i missed last event... It's too long to wait, and diamonds are too difficult to obtain, only way is to log every day. At least, let them be obtainable when watching ads, it'd be great. Anyway, good idle game, Gawr Gura's favorite.

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