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Heaven Burns Red


Wonderful game. The storyline is very heartfelt, but can also be super funny at times. The main character, Kayamori, is hilarious.

♡ One of the best stories I have come across in a mobile game (funny, heart wrenching, interesting concept)
♡ Female protagonist!!
♡ Has a gacha system, but is not super focused on it. I feel like it is more of a fun bonus to get cool characters. If you have at least like 2 SSR characters (the game gives you 2 free) and level them, you won't have any trouble with story fights. If you want to do the extra challenge stuff, you can focus on gacha more.
♡ Event stories are just as good as the main story. Some got me crying lol
♡ No stamina system for main story - you can play as much as you want. Stamina is used for extra / side stuff.
♡ Comparable to a Persona game (has Free Time, something similar to Social Links, plays in a day-by-day system)
♡ There is a side mini-game that is a tap/rhythm game
♡ Entire game is voice acted, and it is really good! They put their all into the performance.
♡ Basically everything is super impressive for a mobile game.
♡ I could say so much about this game. Please give it a try!

♡ The only real con, for me, is that there is no English version. If you do not speak Japanese, you will need a translator of some sort. Hopefully this game will get an English translation!

Honestly super love this game.
•Super fun and flashy gameplay
•Unique and lovable characters (Chrome romance option when?)
•Lots of game modes! Some dont even require stamina
•Great soundtrack
•Super cool costumes that you can obtain (some) in game without spending money if you are patient
•Fun dorm system with decorations and cute chibi versions of the characters
•Intriguing storyline
•RIP my wallet I do love skins lol

Touhou Arcadia Record


EDIT: The crashing seems to have been fixed. but I have another sort of large issue. Why are there no sound effects/sound cues for bosses and their attacks!? This really irks me. For example, on the harder Reisen fight, she calls down missiles. On the easier version, it gives warning signs when she is about to do this. On the harder version, she only does a barely noticeable animation to show she is doing that move. i have died so many times by that bc I cant tell when she is doing it. I feel like having sound cues for the bosses and their attacks is something severely lacking in the game.

• Challenging gameplay
• Cute art
• Remixed Touhou music
• Fun little side things like gardening, fishing, making food, PVP
• Boss mode that has free movement like traditional Touhou games - this is actually my fav part of the game and I wish there were more stages that played like this lol
• Game crashes pretty often. Unsure why. Seems to be a common issue, so hopefully it will get fixed.
• This could be my phone, idk, but the sound mixing is pretty bad. Even with music turned 100% up in the settings, I still cant really hear it
• Challenging gameplay - lol I could just be really bad or maybe I dont understand how to play entirely, but some of the levels are very difficult. I am not sure how someone could possibly do some of these without getting hit at all (pls drop some tips for me qq)

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Cutscene Crashing FIXED(again) hello once more lol. The Christmas update cut scene crashing issue has been fixed. You can actually play the game again now! Read Note
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