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Im@s being amazing as usual with SoP, the graphics look very nice (LOVE the new MVS, every song gets a 3d MV) and the story segments are done well (my japanese isn't very good but i got the gist of it, also only played IS and shhis rn).

Current event is also good, only problems rn are:
The Produce runs, (I cleared hard btw), support system is great, but it can be very confusing for newbies who haven't played og shinymas, also now that produce and support cards have different gacha, it becomes difficult to get support SSRs.

Hopefully they add more songs and character solos too, I'm a NichikaP so I'm in heaven atm, but other players have their oshis so it would be nice.[開心]

Anyway, I'll sign out and finish an alstromeria run before bed maybe, lol.

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i am too busy simping for kohane, sorry not sorry Read Note
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