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great dragon ball mobile game so far.. only things to complaint are lagginess in pvp. but i mean any active online-game going to get lag anyways.

ALICE Fiction


storyline and VA's are perfect, you do feel like you watching an anime using the autoplay for story. gameplay is mid for me.. could be better with those match colour tiles.

gacha is quite horrible with a game needs dupe, when dupes get change to universal coin even high rarity one and you need to buy the exact same dupe frags on shop with price increasing every 20pcs.. high rarity give 60 coin =60 dupe frags, but to buy at shop, you can only get 30 dupe frag because of the price rate. you keep losing more and more with the dupe price keep increasing.what a weird way to handle dupe system..

what i do recommend if you decide to play for a long term, build a low rarity team and work your way up. plus, low rarity team got good skill synergy compare to build a team around high rarity unit. Its hard, but if you like high rarity more than skill synergy, then go ahead.

Isle of Genesis - Avalon


i would give better rating if you dont paywall alot of QoL daily related grind behind vip.. what a shame.

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