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Help!!! I really like this game!!! But for some reasons, whenever I download it! It's not WORKING 😭💔, LiKe wHy??? Always give me that Japanese errors! Or the internet not working smthn like this, I had ENOUGH , I really need help, I wanna playing with all my friends dammit TT~

Mystic Messenger | Korean


JUST SAYING I do play ANOTHER STORY and I do had nightmare cuz of Rika, and V too tbh srsly, they freak out of me! I'm mean com'n dude that's absolutely not it wut u thinking, ugghhhI'm not gonna say more, but yes everything in this game is beautiful and cool and handsome ngl, BUT DEFINITELY NOT RIKA AND V, ahh my lil heart, soo poor, soo pure, wish no one get f by Rika, I almost die there lol 😂

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