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From jp server to eng. Maybe it's time to start on cn, too [為什麼]

This game is like addiction. [大哭]

This is not my first rhythm game as I'm a huge fan of this type of games and music in general [開心].

The game pleases with the gameplay, since there are different types of "buttons" with wich you will not get bored (like green one [暈] ).

Despite the lack of English, the interface is quite clear, a lot is guessed intuitively.

Graphics on top is all I can say [哇噻].

Where the lack of English is exactly frustrating is in the stories. I'd love to read them.[大哭]

Based on some experience, I can say that the game is much above average. It's not a pity to put 5 [色色].

Black Survival


This game is amazing [色色] There are some difficulties during gameplay, but mostly the game pleases with its graphics, character design and their variety[色色].

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I never imagined Raoul like that, but this design is VERY cute [色色].
MazM: The Phantom of the Opera
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