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Reverse: 1999 | Global


So far so good
Incredible character voice though

It's PvP & official available on PC
Honestly not too bad
Fanservice 3d model with 360 free camera view
Running around and fighting with characters u like

PC experience is great turning camera with mouse
Could've been really good and skill based game
But they make it CP power gate and P2W

They don't really care and will not balance or change

There was a grindable pvp TDM gather points
It should've capped all players with same stats
Since they've made Arena PvP all auto P2W already
It's all about numbers. shame.

The UI is one of the worst
It's fine to have new style or theme
But there's no shortcuts menu
Forced to go through multiple loading screens

Lack of resources for collecting girls
The rate and pity making it even rougher

Eventhough the tutorial is long
The UI didn't make it easier to understand
What catagories they're in?
What bullet type they're using?
Since these played a huge part in combat

Overall bad

Really love this game. Very enjoyable.
Sweet gun play. Neat boss design.
Skipable cutscenes/plot line.
Very responsive dev that willing to make change.
A lot of big changes within a week since its release.

It should've release as a pc game that available on mobile
Because it provide reallly huge map for sniping
And Skills that can shoot across the map
U won't satisfied with the performance on mobile ever

Each character have 3 unique Skill to make play
Active Skill on field, Support Skill off field, and ULT
Also provide perk-like passive unique to every character
U can switch anytime from aggressive to supportive setup

And the boss fight is really well design
Most of the attack can be dodge by running
Provide reasonable space and hint for u to react
While also did enough damage for u to not tank it.

Co-op is simple and neat
The community and connection is good imo
There were more known co-op content incoming
Once the server and all were stabilized I'm sure there will be more active event and goodies from co-op

Having 4 kind of gacha ticket is bad
Limited char+weapon + Standard char+weapon
They have to give us a way to get all kind of ticket weekly
Or else it'll be so difficult to reach its pity

Kemono Friends:Kingdom


Appreciate the incredibly high quality art and soundtrack
The team have perfect taste of making a cute game

Really Heartwarming atmosphere
Really lovely ui and level design

The level design changed along with its theme
Provide new puzzle/challenges according to its environment
Falling tree/branches in Forest
Poisonous miasma in Swamp
Sandstorm+cactus in Desert
Airpocket+bubble in Sea

Friends (character) were designed into specific classes
The classes played a HUGE role during a battle

Its Tank makes team almost invincible for 1 round
And a Debuff is almost always a must have
Same goes to Buff / Dps / Healer
U can have anyone as long as u have all classes in a team

Friends were also designed into combo
If u managed to place the combo Llama+Ibis out
U'll get a bonus buff from their bond combo
Plan your turn of placing a friends become part of the play

For that they also provide many ways to collect characters

So if u planning to get someone specific for the combo
U have a Party systems that has a small chance getting it
An exchange system 100% getting it with dupe currency
Also a 300 pity that can exchange whoever u want

I love this game since it's SEA released in 2022
Ended up the game stop working i was forced to quit

They changed a few thing added some new thing
Even more friendly and more balanced imo
Just hoping that they won't give up again

Aether Gazer | Global


AG will never beat PGR
but I truly enjoy this more

I played cn PGR when it released
and experienced the 10k ticket incident 1st hand

+Playing AG truly consider as relax and enjoy
+Overall character design are more to my taste
-Level/enemies design are bland
-Plot wise are tasteless

I'm not a fan of PGR
kinda stressed and forced
especially the orb matching combat

I quit PGR after few months
still happy for it being success
would love to have anyone rise and kill Mihoyo

I'll say PGR fans can stay where they're at
I prefer here

Brown Dust 2


Kinda felt half finished
Only few characters has animation and voiced
Led to me dumping the game 1st week since release

Recently found out they worked on the animation for some old character so decide to visit back
No good impression from this dev since then

The game isn't bad



They increase stupid amount of difficulty in compare with KR and JP server forcing people to pay

main story 5-15 boss
in JP battle power is 65k
here it's battle power 79.9k

and 5-17 boss
in JP bp is 71k
here it's bp 87.3k


Same old thing still forcing to play long tutorial
Same old thing with very low gacha rate
not a fair play... disappointed

Big Bad Monsters









Tokyo Conception


体力制每日限刷角色碎片升星游戏 卡池 武池 防池

但大作神作都改善过 模组崩过 操作卡过 调整失衡过
应以"有无进步空间" "可否调整修订"去发掘一款新游戏

模组方面 由于每个模组都有独立形体 并不全相同五官位置 不同体格 表示之后的模组可以完全不同 可以更好 这就是进步空间 说明崩不是没得改变 并不是那种全角色同个人偶 是各自独立

360画面是存在 只是镜头没得转 就表示是可以转 不是没有360画面 就可以改
某战斗系统时限不长 增加功能 这些都是有得改

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