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Just chillin, hoping to find fun games
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Just chillin, hoping to find fun games
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Chimera Recollect


A cute little game, where the parts you get determine your movesets and even movements. Its got quite an interesting story thus far, and you can pay to permanently remove all ads.

This is something I feel more people should play!

The game itself isn't bad, and the story is interesting. But the whole you can pay to get rid of ads but only the banner ones not the video ads. The banner ads dont block anything, but the video ones take up the whole screen and halt gameplay.

I feel for the poor sap who does the collab events cause he's the only one worth anything. The events now have 300 layers of conditions like have a combo else they heal that gets ridiculous. Plus the rates are ridiculously low, and they have a constant "This monster is fodder... psych! Its actually gets a better evolution or becomes required to evolve another monster."

I miss when every dungeon wasn't so tedious.

It would be a harmless little idle game if not for one drains my battery too quickly! So unfortunately I have to say adieu.[委屈]

A battle speed is behind a subscription paywall, deleted data for beta testers with no thanks given, forced tutorial that you can't skip, and the dumbest name censoring I've ever seen. I can't name my character a series where attacks include the word hell....

A lot more gotcha mechanics beyond what the beta had. I can no longer recommend this.

Angel Drop


I'd rate it higher if it didn't keep crashing. Pretty much useless.

Planet Regeneration Story


Lotta talking, shame I don't read Japanese. Cause I would love to understand more of what the story is. Heck I'll take a Switch or PC port to give it the love it needs.

Hero Mansion


It kinda reminds me of Unholy Heights in that you're managing a apartment building while trying to earn money and attract more and better residents. Shame it's not translated so I can understand it better.

God of High School


I was all in until I booted it up and it requires access not just to files and camera, but also contacts. Why in the name of Raptor Jesus would a game need access to my contacts.

Star Smash


It is a shame that Disney won't translate this for everyone else. Because this is surprisingly fun for what is essentially a tennis game with Disney characters. The story is probably great.... I just can't read it.[開心]

Forest Life


It's a cute match 3 game, but I only uninstalled cause for some reason it needs access to my files and media. No thank you.[委屈]

This game has a chronic case of "You could do it this way, but it would be easier if you had xyz." A lot of events and missions are doable if you use the units you get free, but would be a lot easier with some 5 stars. You get some units whenever you scrape up enough stuff to multi summon, or for the rare paid gatcha. But all the ways to summon still come with two major problems

1. No pity mechanic to boost five stars which wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't for...
2. Craft Essence AKA Equipment is mixed in with summons; yes that includes paid ones, and those are only useful for events. The better CE is gotten from bonds with your units.

Seriously just give a pity mechanic that builds up until you summon the banner unit or 5 star, and separate CE into a separate pull no one wants their guaranteed 4 star to be the 50th time they see that essence.[白眼]

Its actually not that bad of an idle game but....
It has no strength or level recommendation so you only know if you are underleveled for a stage if the enemy takes no damage or oneshots you. Plus the ads are a wee bit excessive.[不滿]



Can't understand a word the dialogue says, but you don't need to for the most part. It's an easy to learn matching game, although it would be nice if units you've maxed out on their special would show up less in the gatcha, but its still more generous that Fate Grand Order.

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This boy only comes after salt i swear this guy only showed up after i was reaching my boiling point for gatcha salt Read Note
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