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Clash Of Sky丨English



Updated: After watching first season of anime + played a little of this game.

Pros: Game gives further insight into each character. Art is great.
High 4 stars gacha rate from spending 1200 free gems as a newbie. They have many paid gacha options as well.

Cons: Please put a convesation log onto the individual stories. One extra click on the phone and you miss part of the conversation. Would really want that.

Played for 5 min and quit. It keeps crashing during the introduction part. Every time it crashes and i return to the game, it gives me another 5 seconds of the introduction before crashing again. Review is based on that 3 min crashed introduction. Was playing on chinese translation. Therefore, my gameplay rating is neutral stand (LOL i didnt even play), storyline 4 due to game crash. I liked the anime so far (watching halfway through) but am disappointed with the game now.

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