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the gacha rate is god awful. not to the point of genshin but d4dj has alright rates, garupa/bandoris are pretty bad but overall tolerable, but pjsekai is just.. so bad. 2 months in and i have no 4* and i got 2* 30 pulls in a row (itd be nice if there was a guaranteed 3* for a 10 pull but meh) its a gacha game though, so i dont expect much. craftegg spare my soul lmao

its super cute and fun to pass the time! it lags a bit, but its okay! its good for foreigner/west to play because its in english. i love opening present boxes. the same song play but you can turn it off and listen to other music. i have a sushi cart and UFO cart, and a rin panda!! i love this game.

the english server works, as well as the japanese, and taiwanese, but sadly the chinese server is locked up a ton :( . i assume the ccp doesnt feel comfortable with outside communication. unless youre in china you cant use this version [大哭][大哭][大哭][大哭]

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same game!! players coming from the english server- this is the same exact game!! if youre level 30+ and know lots about nikki youll easily play this game. you just use context clues. (taiwanese events are longer by 20 days, and they get events before we do!!) Read Note
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