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Konno Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru
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Konno Giorno Giovanna niwa yume ga aru
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SINoALICE | Global


The soundtracks are lit.
The Character Artworks are amazing.
The dark stories are veeeery nice.
The collaborations with other games and even anime are also very lit.

Of course the gameplay is outdated but it still can be enjoyed ^^

I really love the concept of the game with it's gameplay.

But it is really annoying that the global team is rushing everything to catch up to the JP and Korean version of the game. They drop banner after banner with good units, but you just can't collect enough gems to summon for every unit. So it's waiting for the next good unit or waiting till you get the unit on another banner oooor you pull out your credit card and start whaling. The rates for SSR characters are really terrible.
Besides the summoning you actually need to buy character skins with gems so that you can compete in PvP with other whales to get your weekly gems.

AFK Arena | Global


Its good game if you consider the name of it...AFK. So don't expect too much of course.
But for a AFK game it has pretty nice amount of content to do.
If you don't feel like grinding, you can just log in, 7 minutes and the daily missions are done.

The Character Artworks are very nice.
The gameplay can be pretty interesting.
Skins for Characters are mostly locked behind a paywall.
The further you progress in the game the more it really becomes an AFK game. Since you can't really progress that quickly anymore after a certain point, you just log in, do your daily stuff and log out.

Destiny Child | Global


Its a nice game!
The Artworks are amazing.
The Gacha System is pretty alright but can still screw you over sometimes.
The Soundtracks are very nice.

The only thing is the gameplay...if you can get behind it, its a very nice game. Or if you are too amazed by the artworks then the gameplay might not be the first priority ^^

Genshin Impact


Its a very beautiful game.
+The battles are fun
+The scenery is amazing
+The soundtracks are fantastic
+Huge open world to explore, collect many ressources and solve a lot of puzzles
+Most activities can be done even without 5 Star Characters

-The rates for 5 Star Characters are very low...not even 1%
-Many activities require the so called Resin (An Energy that refills over time), but its recharging very slow and you need a lot of it

But since its a pretty new game, the negatives could be fixed, so give it a try

Also, when you progress in the Main Story and you get a character called Lisa, turn on the Japanese voices, climb a mountain with her and enjoy ^^

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