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Why classify it as Global when SEA can't even play it. Square Enix has always been such a pain when releasing games, often excluding SEA Regions.

Being forced to use VPN just to play is just dumb.

Edit: Played the game for a few minutes and it's actually pretty good. Unfortunately, you have to always be connected to a VPN. It's sad that Square Enix decided to go this route...

22/7 Music Time


Basically BanG Dream. Same gameplay, same gatcha rates and the same ANNOYING FLICKS!

My only gripe is the music volume is not loud enough even when set at max. I hope they increase the music volume just bit more since it's part of what I like about this game.

Overall, It's a great game for those just starting in the rhythm game genre and for the veterans who wants to try a similar game but with different characters and song selections.

Update: Looks like they improved the flick sensitivity. It's much easier to perform flicks now. I still hate flicks though[發怒]

Mega Miracle Force



Granblue Fantasy



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