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Hello! I'm a frenchie who love art and I share my passion. I can speak english, german and french :)
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Hello! I'm a frenchie who love art and I share my passion. I can speak english, german and french :)
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Kuma Sushi Bar


Very cute game ! [色色][色色]



It is simply a pearl not to be missed! It is a shooter game mixed with a rhythm game, the concept is very original. The musics are cool too! I hope it’ll be better known because it’s worth it. The settings make it more comfortable to play. [色色][色色]



I never got tired of this game! It is very unique and the universe is very rich. Controls are usually easy and the objective is always the same. You can feel the work that went into making this game. The sceneries are beautiful and I felt a poetic touch during my experience! [哇噻][哇噻]

This is a pretty good pixel game that is generous in rewards! Every day you can find resources in the missions. The drop rate is far from being bad even if it remains random/luck during summons! There are also gacha focused on strong characters to have a better chance of getting them. [哇噻][哇噻]



I played this game almost after its release and unfortunately it did not evolve very well. . . It became very P2W, not to mention the very stingy drop rates. This makes it difficult to get good characters and the fights between players are unbalanced. Fights can be done automatically so it makes the gameplay monotonous! It’s a pity because it offers interesting collaborations and the graphics are cute. But it ends there. . .[大哭][大哭]

Super Glitter Rush


I found the levels of this game very hard from the start. It’s a pity because it has a lot of potential and the overall design is beautiful. I played for quite a while despite these flaws because I wanted to know more about the characters and how they attack and defend. The pastel atmosphere is pretty and the characters all have their own physical aesthetics. Same for their musical theme![厲害][厲害]

Magic Rampage


The graphics may seem simple but that’s what creates the charm of the game. I felt like I was progressing quickly and each level became more and more difficult. You have to be patient also to get stronger armor, this is also true for many other games in general anyway! I particularly like 2D games with a platform so I was well served! [不滿][不滿]

The other games from the same creator are interesting but I find that the format of this one has made the story more attractive. The general atmosphere is coherent because the music was well chosen. The drawings are cute and this aspect contrasts with the gloomy background of the script. I hope other mobile games will be available from this creator! [開心][開心]

Cookie Run: OvenBreak


I have been playing this game for almost a year and I still love it! The universe is very developed and the characters are appealing. They each have their own personality! The rewards are generous, it's just hard to get rare costumes..._(:3 」∠ )_

This is a very cute game specially the design ! [色色][色色]( # ▽ # )

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6/9 mommy vibes ! Happy mother's day! [色色][色色][開心][開心]
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