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Grand Alliance


Game looks good. Plot... It's not looks like new or very interesting, but exist in game [不滿]

Guaranteed hero each 10 pulls, in start game give gems enough for 30 pulls [開心]

A lot ways for upgrading.
Upgrade your heroes!
Upgrade your skills!
Upgrade your equipment!
It's good for activity in game on the one hand and i'm felt laziness when thinks about it upgrading systems on the other.

Gameplay, it was strange. I don't feel challenge, it's boring for me [睡覺]
PvP - auto and need 9 heroes in late

Oh yeah!!! [開心][開心][開心]

Looks cool, like pc version, but not same.
I was played in SoulWorker with Steam on PC and it was good warm MMO. But i did it 1 year ago.

Dangeon system not same. Not like solo or with team. This it is location for anyone.

Story looks like same.

Haru skills not like i remember that.
And card systems looks not same like pc version. Maybe it is same just looks like not same, but i don't understand it because language.

Afterall, like mobile game it's will hot game [賣萌]
I will wait global [哇噻]
And will very cool, if PC version account can to use in this game, bc i upgrade all characters and have some not bad cards. Do same with zero will harder [大哭]

P. S. Time to time in fight game freezing

Where tactic? Where balance? [為什麼]

Almost always attack cards more important than heal or def.
You have only 20 cards vs 30 cards of enemy, new cards add only instead your own.
It's meaning you need buy cards, because more card-more chance. And need watch ads, because attack cards always locked and need gold.

I thinks i was watched too a lot of ads for this game [發火]

Gameplay - full of random. Random enemy place and queue, random your cards. When you got luck, you got perfect win.
In easy mode you can ignore it and take best cards, after back and easy to finish all.
In start you can farm 10 gems in first three stage with first character and use reset, only in normal mode. You need 200. After you can buy last character with 20 hp and 5 def for more chance.

Royal Crown


In start it looks funny.
Upgrade skills, looking items, fighting.
Single mode was easy.

But when i opened 5 lvl and opened duo, game just die. I waited over 10:00 minutes and nothing [發火][發火][發火]
No one mode worked.

Hell. Game feels good and fun, but server not work for me. No one notice if it maintenance or something like that. I'm angry after this moment [發火]

Cool [哇噻]
Funny gameplay. Choose your tactic with weapon and hunter and go ahead.
A lot ways for upgrade. A ton of materials. Need farm really many things(i'm lazy for it [難過]).
When you only start, game give you gifts so much, hell. I got 10000 energy and 8000 gems in 2 days.

But i got some problem. Each times when i click something, it start to do "load". 2-5 seconds only, but it's so annoying[發火][發火][發火]

Why so much ads? [為什麼][為什麼][為什麼]

Gameplay looks funny, but when you only start all game looks like playlist of ads.
Ads for gems(1 ad for 5 gems, when need 400 for one gacha chest or 4000 for new hero, seriously?), ads for skills, ads for gold, ads for energy. Ads for everything.
Just hell [發火]

Maybe with time it will better and enough just farm some dungeons, but when?!

M.A.D 8 : Heroes Battle


Hell, i just don't can select server. Use VPN too for attempt, not helping. How play in that?



What the hell [發火][發火][發火]

Yes it is dark, looks not bad.
Skills have options for any style( but skeleton mage give easy rush to 25 lvls with only 1 lvl( i got of item +1)).
Story? Kill all and go next. Just not exist.
And afterall very bad lvlcap system. For lvl account i watched 30+ads and it not enough for 30 lvl.. In game how least need 50. So bad way and hate it moment [驚訝]. Why still playing don't understood too.

Lost in Harmony


Woooooow!!! It is awesome! [賣萌][賣萌][賣萌]

Usually i don't play in rhythmic game, but it very cool [開心]

Cood classic music, emotions, cool story, imagination of dreams and skateboard. It was beautiful trip [害羞]

I had some problem, bc ads don't work for free orbs and lvl was really hard [大哭] (especially 7th lvl).

But hard lvls it's cool too for me [色色]

Sword of Chaos


Hmm [為什麼]
Gameplay not bad. Really action [懵懂]
Short dangeons in start.
Some story, i was lazy for reading it all [睡覺]
A ton of ways for upgrading character. A ton of resources too.
PvP(what i watched on 20 lvl) - you can use skill and move vs bot which you chose.

But after 2 hours playing, it was still looking like hole for donate if you want play in PvP or high lvl content.
Game have energy system too and with donation vip you will have more attempts for farming upgrading resources [發火]
I think it game not friendly to f2p. But you can try for pve, skills system not bad.

Stray Cat Doors


Cutie! Cutie heroine! [害羞]

Gameplay pretty. It's not hard, but you need stop and thinking time to time.

Very warm game and images.

But game short [大哭]
After ending have some easy bonus game with more warm pictures.

Forest of Atonement


Game not such cool how i thinks [發怒]

The plot full of cliches. It was bad. And ending... [發火][發火][發火]

You can make new cards, but it's only random. A lot of this cards - useless. I choose way with pure light because it's best for gaming in attack and def, infinity poison.
Relics you can got only with crystals. Crystals with ads or with rewards. Need a lot, because some relics powerful with some decks(For example "acceleration" give 20% additional to purification light).

Gameplay... Or i don't have normal card with it random or def just bad way. Hard fight when boss only attack. If boss use shield - use light so much how can. Ooh and lights system ignore shield system of enemies.

And after all it was short, 1-2 days enough. With ads or with donate enough 1 day. After ending you can play challenge mod, but why? [為什麼][為什麼][為什麼]

THE LAMP: Advanced


Ooh it's was good [開心][開心][開心]
Simple warm story.
Energetic music.
Awesome bosses [哇噻] Each of it looks cool and have unique skills [害羞]
Some lvls simple and some very hard(I hate you circle in 2-6 [發火][發火][發火]).
It was short too. 2 days for me [大哭]

P.S.: A lot ads if you die often, thank you for short. 5 seconds only.

Good, very good [不滿]

Simple gameplay, easy for understanding.
You need a few of strategy for farfalla skill(you can change skill points in any moment) and spending mana. Some spells better than other.

My tactic: shout+use spells of sword list(try for understanding which type of spells best against this enemy) + heal, and take resist against enemy spells.
It is enough for going to 40 stage without stops [厲害]

When need farm, game seem very slow [大哭]

Plot have some twist, but i watched this idea in some anime. And it short, 1-2 days enough for finished game [無語]

Villagers & Heroes


Too cool for mobile game [賣萌]

Looks like old rpg on PC.
Graphics looks like old rpg too.
Donate exist, but it's something for save your time. I thinks in game you can farm same things.
Skill system strange for me, you got active skills with weapons. It's make weapon upgrading very important [大哭][大哭][大哭]

After all, this game looks like good for spending your time, a lot time. For mobile it realy hot game [開心]

Hell [開心][開心][開心]

So cute and hard [害羞]
Very hard for me if don't use meowsafing [大哭][大哭][大哭]

But game and story such funny. Battle looks like anime "magical girl Ore"

P. S. Sounds when you got hit - sexy [怪笑][怪笑][怪笑]

Soul of Eden


Self game interesting, but i watched some problems.

Pts for rewards and opening new factions only with wins, why not with just finished matchs? Or with played units/kill units.

I don't understood about gacha. I watched some free republic card for coins, other only donate. How much crystal possible farm in game per day/week i don't know. But in game some units better and need a lot copy. It's all looking like p2w for start in game where only pvp [驚訝][驚訝][驚訝]

With time after 1-2 hours , game starting freezing [暈]

Game not bad.
Characters of anime.
A lot events right now.
Easy to understand gameplay.
A lot ways for upgrading your power.
Good gacha. Banner with one garanteed SSR for new members in first 10 rolls. Other banner good too, and have garanteed SSR chance too.

It's simple and funny [開心]

Have some problem too.
First of all it's AP. Very bad system, not enough in start. Not a lot time for recovery AP, 1-2 hour. Need minimum 8 hours. People must sleep time to time. Or add gift with AP in start or give more exp for faster ranks uping.
Second it is upgrade system in office. Why it requare same materials, like upgrading my power? It's strange. Any will upgrade your characters first, need other materials. May be i something don't understood, but it eat same exp materials which eat my characters [大哭]

Oh, and Dazai SSR green have cheat skill and can use with same skill of friends Dazai SSR. It works like add over9000% ATK power [暈]

Bel-sempai, Bel-sempai! [害羞]

Holy sh-sh-sh(Bel-sounds), it's cool 2.5D fighting with your favorite characters of "Reborn!!!" [賣萌]

i understand where upgrade, friendly, farm dangeon for some things. It simple, but without english language i don't understand about card system, bonus and skills [大哭]

Anyway it gameplay gave me a lot fun with lovely Bel and his skills [開心][開心][開心]

Oh, this game just very similar on AFK Arena or something like that.[發火]
Same gameplay, same location, difference only hero. Not bad clicker and time killer with hero of OnePunchMan and nothing more. [暈]
It's not what i expected, another clone. [大哭][大哭][大哭]
If you will do new clone, pls make like impact 3 or same game. With action and skills. [厲害]

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