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A life-long learner of astrology, tarot, and oracle on the beat 🌸
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A life-long learner of astrology, tarot, and oracle on the beat 🌸
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Maika Fantasia


[EDIT] a Discord link of official fan server is included. Consider joining it in the first place!

I was elated when this rhythm game project finally came into fruition. Let's admit that there are problems that cause the game to become unoptimized (e.g. unregistered hit notes). You must've realized this stuff aight? That precious full combo... [委屈]

Hopefully the devs give improves the game and also give it quick fixes regarding the issues or else, new players will run away~ in fact, I don't want this to happen. Maifan still deserves a loving and genuine attention from people around the world. ☀️

P.S. since Maifan is a rebranded version of Dance Sparkle Girls Tournament, one of the devs is still active on Discord. There's a spreadsheet for English speaking players to report any kind of issue in the game. It's also translated in order to be sent to the Japanese devs and let them know, so worry not if you're not fluent in that language~

I was looking for underrated rhythm games and found Oresute. Without further ado, I downloaded and played the game. It turned out to be fun, although I don't understand the story due to language barrier. [害羞]

Oresute's UI looks simple and clean, although it takes some time for players to navigate and memorize the control of its features (I mean, the buttons). The card art is vibrant and colorful without using unnecessary decorations. Characters are drawn in various art styles by different artists (this reminds me of Magia Record that I used to play long time ago lol).

However, Oresute uses its own art style in 3* and 4* cards (characters are still cute and beautiful without looking too moeblobs-y and sharing the same face syndrome as seen in Love Live, which is a huge turn off and somehow looks creepy or unsettling for me).

Moving on to the next review, we can play in two modes, Hug and Pick. Hug play style is similar to catch fruits mode in Osu, while the latter (Pick) is a play style generally found in Bandori, D4DJ, Prosekai, Honeyprem, and so on.

Leveling up characters in Oresute is easy (using microphones and coins), but upgrading/idolizing them is kinda difficult, as we have to unlock their skill tree using coins, big blue gems, and color slimes that match cards' attributes (getting these stuff isn't also easy tho, mind you). [白眼]

Another thing that surprises me that we can reroll an infinite initial gacha without clearing the game data. There's no 4* cards in that gacha, but we can get multiple 3* cards, which are good for starting the game. The 4* ones are only found in general gacha banners (limited & permanent). The gacha rates aren't that bad for me. I even got two 4* cards in one 10× pull today.

The initial gacha needs no rainbow gems. However, after securing your account, you surely need them. Remember to spend yours wisely, although farming them is easy. Rainbow gems aren't only used for pulling gacha, but also filling boost points. You know that people will use boost points when an event appears, certainly for grinding freebies faster and easier. That's why I suggest you not to waste rainbow gems.

What about songs? Some fit my music tastes, some don't (*cough* generic cutesy Jpop with screeching girls' voices *cough*).

That's all from me. I hope there's an active English community for Oresute, since I haven't found it yet. Please comment here or message me if you wanna talk and share info about this game. [微笑]

I enjoy playing D4DJ, although the gameplay is complicated for new players who can't read runes like me [憋屈]
I'm looking forward for the global version, so I can switch the language into English [厲害]

Sweet Sins Superstars


I just can't let myself not tapping monster notes on Sweet Sins Superstars. It's like Muse Dash, but there are some differences (you can find it by yourself). [微笑]
Anyways, I enjoy playing this game. Hope the devs improve it, so players don't experience bugs and errors anymore [害羞]

Guitar Girl


Don't have time playing games? Try this one! 🧡

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Another illustration of Himari This card firstly appeared on the music video of Jump by Sakura Step. 🌸 Read Note
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