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Just a girl who likes videogames.
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Just a girl who likes videogames.
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Literally the best turn-based game you can find on the market right now, amazing graphics, barely any issues (as the devs are always working to fix and improve the game), and the fact that you can also play old events and still get the rewards is perfect for anyone just starting the game to get what they otherwise would have missed out on. Character splash art and their animations are top notch! I would recommend casual players play this game as quests and events rarely take more than 1 hour to complete, this is an easy game to grind and the rewards are often plenty. The only downside to this game is the fact that you have to pre-farm for characters early game just so you can survive the higher levels/monsters, so there is something for the more try hard players to do. Any 5 star character, even the starting team is enough to get through the game right now. No need to whale, however if you want to I don't blame you lol

This is a very good game to play if you want to relieve stress and anxiety. Very simple gameplay and watering your plant just takes 5 minutes to do, nothing to it. Just a chill atmosphere and cute plants :)

This game does not disappoint, the graphics are pretty good for a mobile game and the character art is absolutely gorgeous, would definitely recommend this game for anyone looking to kill some time ^^

I would recommend this game to anyone looking for a game to kill time with, especially if you're into collecting cute characters. The characters are very cute, the storyline is awesome, and this game is very f2p friendly imo. F2p players can get really far in this game without having to spend money.

Helios Rising Heroes


I think this game is rather interesting, the gameplay is turn based but the animations for the ultimate attacks are top notch!

Luna Storia: RE


At first I thought this was a random copy and paste AFK rpg, however the battle system is rather unique. I've never played an AFK rpg that utilizes a chess-like battle system. The sound is mediocre, the voice acting is good, and the graphics aren't bad. The characters however do not have character illustrations, which kind of takes away their value. They only have character avatars that do only one move animation and that's it. The auto-battle AI need work, sometimes a character won't even move and attack a blank space the entire time (wasting their ulti too). The packages are actually worth it most of the time, I suggest you get the first top up package because it gives you the best tank in the game (you'll need her, trust me). They are very generous with summons, infact they have a beginner's re-roll summon and you can re-roll up to 20 times. I suggest you try to roll for Robin Hood (best damage unit), Adonis (best support), or Vivienne (she's the tank you can get in the first top up package if you don't get her in the re-roll). The storyline is okay but it's kind of boring imo, you don't really need to pay attention to the story but I would pay attention to the tutorials.

Anyways, I say this game is pretty decent and it's worth a try if you need a game to kill some time.

God of High School


The gameplay is pretty good, still haven't really gotten the hang of it yet but the graphics and everything look pretty decent. The character art is pretty good, I like how detailed it is but sometimes the art can be a bit pixelated. I do have one problem, the English in this is absolutely broken and sometimes I can't make out a single word that a character has said. Therefore i have no idea what is even happening because the English is unreadable or it's really confusing to read. Also, I would suggest adding other login options than QooApp. This is the first time I've ever had to use QooApp to login to a game, I'm not saying it's bad but I would prefer to use my Google account instead.

Among Us


This game is really fun and a good way to kill time, plus you're being put to the test on how long you can survive as an imposter or a crew mate, this game is something I've never seen before! However, there is a slight problem. You can't save your in-game data. You lose everything you purchase after deleting the app, there is no way for you to even link your data to an account of some sort. So if you redownload the app you'll have to purchase what you originally had again. Controls are a bit weird sometimes and there doesn't seem to be a security system for hackers, but this game is pretty good otherwise!

Genshin Impact


This game is pretty much BOTW but with a gacha aspect and more characters, it's actually not half bad! Of course there's only one complaint I have and that's the amount of storage it takes up, this game takes up 6 GB just to run itself. That may sound like not such a big deal to those who have a ton of storage to spare but that's a bit too much for most phones to handle, this game is more suitable to play on consoles than a phone. Other than that, this game is amazing!

Identity V | Global


This game has really good graphics and it has some cute doll-like aspects for the survivors, the storyline is pretty good as well. However, I have an issue with how overpriced things are in this game. S costumes are like, 50-60 bucks, which is overpriced in my eyes. However, I do enjoy using the costumes. There have been times where the game has glitched out and it makes it to where the game is unplayable.

Really like the game, I like how you can unlock graphics for a unit as you level it up. However, the bosses get way too overpowered when you get to level 100. Also, I don't suggest buying packs in this game unless you're willing to empty your bank account. The scout rates are absolute shit, I know games that treat their players better than this. With scouts that feature the newer characters like Stacia, it's like pulling teeth just to get a unit. I feel more agitated than accomplished when I'm scouting.

I've been playing this game for two months and I'm pretty satisfied with my progress, the rates for getting a featured character when you scout are somewhat fair and better than most games. The stone prices are a bit overpriced unless there is an event going on, but the gameplay is pretty fun! Love the unit art as well!

This game is very relaxing at first but once you get into the game, it's an exhilarating ride! The prices for candles are totally worth it, I've spent $180 on this game and I'm satisfied with what I've gotten with my money :)
Very nice community as well!

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SAO MD | Stacia/Yuuki Summon I think the most recent banner for #saomd is actually worth spending money on/grinding for, I got pretty lucky on my first step. I've never been this lucky before, however I don't know if this luck is gonna happen to everyone but when you look at the art you get for Stacia when you get her to lv. 100, it's totally worth the grind! (My step 1 summon rates and lv. 100 art of the unit is listed below, the art is from someone else's unit) Read Note
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