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master is so cool! seriously..someone give that man a pay rise[大哭]

i love eureka studio games- theyre a really fun way to pass time. i definitely reccommend this game [開心]

Obey Me! Shall we date?


ive been playing this game for like 8 months so the fact that i never rated this is crazy[暈]

i super recommended this! as you can tell from me playing this game for so long-its definietly worth it☆
all the brothers are amazing aswell as the angels,etc ♡
(beel,barbatos and lucifer all hold a SPECIAL place in my heart)

theyre all just amazing! please add me for daily AP:
746229274 [委屈]

this was a really cute game to play,i really enjoyed it! i recommended playng it on airplane mode since there are quite a few ads but other than that i completely reccommend! ▼・ᴥ・▼

Cyber Hunter | Global


This is actually a pretty fun game! Its really easy to play so if youre new at mobile battle royales youll pick it up fast

BLEACH: Brave Souls


This is a really fun game to play if youve watched or read bleach! i definitely recommend to fans of the anime



This game is pretty good im not going to lie! I don't usually play too many otome games but this was prerty nice.
Hopefully with soon updates,there will be a character customisation feature.



this is such a fun game

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