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Net Mahjong Mobile


[開心] whadda you mean no longer in operation? Werks both on my pc and my phone. STILL the only riichi mahjong with full keyboard support, by the way.

Yakuza ONLINE | Japanese


I play this for 600+ days according to the achievement reward, and there's STILL this bug with a seemingly random choice heat move getting stuck upon use and not allowing you to press other ones till the end of the fight... anyway the best parts of this game right now are donpachi (union v union) twice a day and monthly ”ultimate battle” quest set which requires unique attribute cards clears every time, – which is not much in total, and its harder for the completely new players to get good equipment for the character cards now as no event card is available though free to play means anymore, and the main storyline hasn't been updated for months, and they stopped doing small event stories filling the gaps (like Sera's last encounter, or how Haruka ended with Hamasaki's will), which also completely lost in time for the new people, so. The new game owner company doesn't know what to do plot wise, it seems. Right now they remembered about og gacha characters (assorted Kamurocho citizens) and resumed making some event stories about those at least but mainly they just issue new stronger cards each week, that's it.



Still the best place to play japanese mahjong using the lowest battery resources possible. And my god, you can just play without asking big bros Google or Facebook their permission first... A dusty piece of blessed pre-smartphone era internet, on your palm.

Mahjong Soul | Japanese


As you know, weaker rooms are separated here from EN and CN, – have fun starting with people who actually understand "yaku" or "furiten". Meanwhile... its the first mobile game I'm playing which doesn't automatically convert the announcement data to the device native timezone, why are they like this? So it's easier for me personally to understand Japanese timezone event and maintenance announcements of this server. And there's also a hidden bonus to relatively reliably identify people from jp server as the other two servers players will be displayed as No Title, why? makes sense to defend here a little more, I mean imagine having a chance to play since you could walk, to have a mahjong club in college or to live near mahjong parlor 👀💧 🤗

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