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Just an everyday Otaweeb who checked QooApp almost everyday... and also a neet.
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Just an everyday Otaweeb who checked QooApp almost everyday... and also a neet.
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Ahem, theres something i've noticed and i just wanted to point it out. It seems that the bonus login rewards period are fixed and i just started playing 3 days ago, so i only managed to get the bonus login rewards for 2 consecutive days before it ends. Its pretty disappointing especially for new players that started playing recently (after quite a few days since its release) because i had my hopes high for the luxurious bonus login rewards (eg. that 3500x diamonds[大哭]). Anyway, i still enjoy the gameplay as well as am curious how the story plot goes on.

I've never play any other servers before and this is my first time playing.

Again, i just wanted to vent my only slight disappointment regarding that issue. Please dont hate Ensemble Star (EN)[no]

For your informations:
Game size (based on my game details): approx. 1.27GB for now

Dislyte | Global


This game is good

Pastel Friends


I especially adore these cute little pastel dress-up game, there are tons of variety of things you can choose, hair, eye shape, clothes..etc. Im a bit sad the fact that we are unable to change the set outfit as well as their position. But great work in other aspects XD

Nice apps to chat with other friends while playing game.



Ahum, i love how smooth the gameplay was, no laggy for me and its nice to play with the level systems. But i cant buy the packs somehow [發困]

Specimen Zero


Good for multiplayer. Not gonna lie, its pretty fun hearing your friends screaming either through discord or in real life, totally lifts the mood for holidays [開心]

The card illustration is definitely superb, i love these kind of rhythm game and the gem for gacha is fairly easy to earn initially from the chats, daily sign in and etc...Gonna save uo some more gems for other troupe too XD.

Play Together


Its fun playing with friends and other people just as the game name inferred. But gradually the nore you play, the more you focus on earning popularity, stars, and such instead of pureply having fun..

This game is basically a rip-off. The first feelings about playing is just having fun dancing with other players and show off their skills, but gradually as the longer you played and the higher level you reach, this game literally turns into a fashion collecting game.

The reason why i said this game is a rip-off was it is hard to get even permanent clothes there by opening fashion eggs as well as the wish pool. The rate of getting anything perm is sooooo low that some players are complaining of wishing 100x at the wish pool get them nothing, not even rented clothes for 7 days.

This game is a scam. They scam players' money, making them to buy more diamonds to get more fashion and mounts. If you play this game, you'll see theres many high vip players, if you're rich and just wanted to waste them, heres the place.

Imagine you have to dump how many hundreds of dollars just to get a mount/fashion clothing. Its not worth it unless you're here yo enjoy the dance.

The dance, was good by the way. There are couple dance option, single dance option and so on.
Just that i wish the developer could add an option to search for songs manually because some of the quest require a certain song to complete it.

Its been a year since i last played this game, kinda addicting because this rhythm game is my favourite, just by tapping the screen based on the beat. They have added some new songs and i cant wait to play fire wall again. The only annoying part of the game right now is that they've added ads between the game, in other word, right after you lose or restart a particular song level, ads will appear right away. Its unavoidable that i have to wait for the ads to finish to play.



This game is one of the most greatest game i've ever played, the graphic was high quality as well as the voice actor. The main storyline was quite interesting too.

Theres other mini games like ''trials of temple'' to earn limited amount of s-chips each week(can be used to exchange for tears of themis to gacha for characters) and also character visit mini games which i did not expect from this game. I mean, its MuHoyo after all! [開心]

Its fairly easy to earn s-chips just by watching stories, battle and etc... Theres a new update 2 days ago, they added features such as lounge where players can collect furnitures to decorate them.

The total size of the game is around 3.79GB. Overally, if you're into gacha, detective romance, collecting character cards and otome game, this game is for you.

This game is nice, i like the rhythm games, it gets you more excited as the level of difficulty increases, and i've been listening to their songs since years ago (exeggerating haha) and i like em. I played mezzo ''koi no kakera'' yesterday a lot cuz tamaki and sougo is my most favourite members [I just started playing this game recently and my first ssr is tamaki (yeay), so far i only got 3ssr (2 tamaki and 1 iori)

Among Us


i played this game for only 4 months ago, and its actually quite addicting, when you become an imposter, you have to kill the crewmates secretly without anyone notice, if they saw you do it (the killing), you're finished (most likely will lose). If you're a crewmate, do your best to finish your task given while trying to survive without getting killed by the imposter.(you can do task after you're dead tho), its pretty fun, a lil bit like a detective game, heres a tip, look at the players' behaviours and taskbar. So try to play it if you haven't download it!



Now that i think about it, i still have this app since last year lmao, at first its pretty nice for watching ads to earn points rather than paying. And the outfits and assesories are nice too! But the only problem are the backgrounds, they don't really match the OCs cuz it looks a lil' bit fake so yea.. This game overall is good and i've been using it lesser, only whenever i need to draw new character, i'll use it (the app) as a reference

hm...i can't say i didn't enjoyed it, but most of it is in Japanese (well yeah of course) and i've seen the guidebook for it just now. been playing this game 3 days ago, and im enjoying it (the gameplay), i cant fully understand the storyline without the voice haha so dats why i gave the storyline 4 out 5 emoji.

i've been playing this game since last year december and until now, it is my first ever online gacha, very addicting. Right now my rank was already 200+. Tbh, the gacha rate is actually very low that i only save up my gems for event ssr point reward only. (Except for Yakumo's birthday event) I srsly cried when i actually got his ssr birthday card, after all i never get any ssr when i kept on gacha-ing for other events. Their voice are very nice and very excellent CGs, the stories are pretty a lot but with different route and the character's own perspective. In conclusion, if you want to read otome story for free, this is the right game for you.[微笑]

A3! | English


Love all of it

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