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Since I lost my azur lane account, I thought this is a great game to replace azur lane but after playing for a day I didn't expect to love the game more than azur lane. I love the gameplay and the graphics of the game the girls look cute as well and I love the abyss form of the shipgirls it looks so cool

Arknights | English


best game I played so far and certainly a game I will never EVER quit. Music is always a banger specially on cc events, gameplay is fun and challenging as well(I love the feeling of satisfaction when clearing a difficult stage by myself). The Ui is also great and I like that the art is not too sexualize it really fits with what the story of the game is about.The story is also great altho im not really good at explaining what the story is. Overall rating this game 10/5 I just really love the game so much.

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Pedo? huh.... I guess having a soft spot for little girls is a pedo...altho I don't think of myself that way because I dont really see them as a fap material nor do I think of rhem that way. I like lolies but more like a cute daughter that I want to hug because theyre so cute. Anyway this guy that commented is a trash. Read Note
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