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allergic to positivity and luck
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allergic to positivity and luck
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Valiant Force 2 | Global






Tsuki's Odyssey


project: 1024(CBT)


An okay game, can be better though.
Graphics is fine I think, it reminds me of PGR. Characters' designs look good but they can be better. The music is nowhere near good, it doesn't fit the entire game and really pisses me off sometimes. The gameplay and combat system are quite simple and plain. Gacha can be improved, I did like 3 or 4 10 rolls but hadn't had a SSR until the 5th (or maybe my luck is gone). I don't understand Chinese so I have no comments about the storyline.
Overall this game is so-so and definitely can be better.

Alchemy Stars | Global


I've been playing for some hours and to be honest this is quite a great game.
The graphics, as you can see from pics, is beautiful as well as the characters' designs.
Its system can be easily understood if you aren't bad at English, and so does combat. Just pay attention to the enemies, skills, elements and you'll be fine, at least that's for me.
Gacha isn't bad. Of course it's hard to get a 6-star character, but as Lumamber (what you use to roll) can be obtained easily through missons and stages, I don't think it's a big problem. Also, you can get a 6-star from the beginner banner, if you aren't satisfied you can create another account to reroll, no problems with that.
Finally the story. For someone who play games mainly for the storyline and lores, I think it's good but quite typical. Hopefully there will be unique changes in the future, as I keep playing :)
Overall this game is worth recommending, I will definitely keep playing [微笑]

Exos Heroes


A great game with beautiful graphics and characters, amazing soundtrack as well as story. I have only played for a few days but I'm already in love with it. The gameplay is not too difficult to understand unless you aren't good at English. Also it doesn't require p2w. Overall worth time and recommending, keep up the hard work!

Rhythm Hive


Nói chung mình khá thất vọng về game. Tên artist cũng như tên album và bài hát loạn hết cả lên, rất rối và gây cho mình ác cảm. Phần gameplay và đồ hoạ ổn nhưng mình mong game sẽ sớm đại tu trong tương lai gần để người chơi được tận hưởng nhiều nhất.

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