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Clash Of Sky丨English


not bad

Guitar Girl


I basically am in love with this game! I always open this game in my free time and I like every component of Guitar Girl. Best thing is that you don't exactly need to pay for most of the things (except the seasonal pass and the seasonal outfits) and the more time you spend, the more profitable your game will be. And we can easily now get chocolates (an important currency) after the update because now we can just get free chocolate from increasing affinity with characters. (really good for f2p players like me who want to buy new outfits)

Best thing for f2p is that if we are low on chocolates there is a option that lets us watch ads and gives free 10 chocolates, the cooldown is only 15 minutes so we can get a lot of chocolates by simply watching ads every 15 minutes.

Blue Archive | Japanese


I liked this game very much. Yostar has made another nice game I will look forward to.

Edit: Please make an English language feature or English app version of it. And let us players have the same data of the progress we made, and the characters we have, if there is a seperate English app. I just want to see my data and progress in an english version, and English is kind of use friendly for people like me who are intermediates in Japanese language.

Super Mecha Champions


Well I think that this game has better components than many other battle royale games. I totally like it!!!!

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#WhoYouWannaMarry I want to Marry Ao from summer pockets. I love her very much and her route was fun. Read Note
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