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Darg Kilua 5058132

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this game became popular so i tried it.. and smh i didn like it somehow.. the story is interesting but too confusing w so many other quests and became boring.. gacha is bad.. gameplay is meh just auto battle.. the only good thing is kawaii charas

Night Zero: Mistiltein


gameplay abit confusing w skills.. graphic is good.. and its english w jp dub yay! so far they are generous w ssr.. will keep playing this game for now

Hero Cantare | Global


dun like the gameplay.. too bad it has amazing art tho

so much potential wasted.. boring game

Epic Seven | Global


too cash heavy bait.. even if you whale you wont get what you want w awful gacha rates.. and to build 1 hero require alot of grinding and materials.. before you finish 1 hero you will find better hero and regret later for all golds, catalysts, runes you wasted
Not very friendly game unless you are masochist

Libra of Precatus


finally can play after new update.. the gacha is pretty generous, character designs are cool, i like it so far

Dragalia Lost


Did alot of people drop this game alr? cause i am now.. Its hard to join coop, you will get asleep while waiting.. seriously the gacha rates are horrible! if you got ssr pretty much its a fkn wyrmprint.. ssr chara is so da*n hard to get.. and the gameplay is meh.. you either playing solo with idiots AI that did nothin only dies.. or joining/making coop room but wait for the cr*p of your life~ network error, loading infinity welcome aboard!
just another money greedy game..

Machigai Breaker Re:Quest


great arts but bad gameplay.. you need to understand japanese language to play it.. not for gaijin

GrandChase | Global


gacha is suck.. 1% chance for sr! pvp or gvg only get you stronger opponents.. mostly p2w

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