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I am a Youtube, Blogger and Gamer. Visit my channel @
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I am a Youtube, Blogger and Gamer. Visit my channel @
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Sin Chronicle


Turn-based but with a bit of action. To be honest, the graphic has high brightness so I suggest you to turn it down a bit. The language is in Japanese, so what do you expect? We understood nothing 😅

Black screen for the win

GRAN SAGA | Japanese


Gacha Game but Open World! Watch the gameplay first before you download. Nice game!

Revived Witch | English


Gameplay and Gacha 100x!

Seven Knights ll|Global


Awesome game! Watch the gameplay before you download.

Blue Archive | Global


Awesome and cute game! Watch the gameplay below but beware of Nexon, feel free to play but don't invest too much.

Lineage W


One of the best mmorpg

gameplay and reroll guide. It is ez to reroll!

Undecember | Korean


Awesome game really.. Can't wait for the official release. My impression is in Indonesian.

Looks like a good game but the server is bad. Slow as fk, I know it is Japan server but the other game is fine!

Blade & Soul 2(12+)


in case you have problem make a new account, follow this guide.

I saw the requirement in taptap version. Looks like we need SUPER HIGH END SMARTPHONE to run this game. No wonder my emulator and smartphone crashed lmao.

Re: Tree of Savior (CBT)


Awesome game, bring back the nostalgia

Good game but so many things to do and discover. This guide might helps you understand the basics.

Not bad to spend free time

Gameplay :

Kinda fun

Dekaron M


Pretty much the same as other MMORPG but good I guess?

Gameplay :

Good I guess? To kill time.

It is good but I can't understand anything. Lets hope for Global version.


Promising I guess


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NIKKE: Goddess of Victory CBT NIKKE: Goddess of Victory Global CBT is opened for those who got selected. Overall it is a casual mobile game with shooting style but with a lot of waifus! They really knew what we love from a gacha and delivered it in a way we can enjoy.
Definitely a mobile game you should play when it got released. Pretty fun so far, you can turn off the auto feature to have a bit of action. My channel is in Indonesian but you are free to use English.
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