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hi! my full name is Nattalio Asyekha Vincent you can call me Natta Nice to meet you, I hope to see you in the same game, have fun playing!
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hi! my full name is Nattalio Asyekha Vincent you can call me Natta Nice to meet you, I hope to see you in the same game, have fun playing!
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Obey Me! Shall we date?


game is quite fun, Lots of Handsome Boys with Cool graphics, other than that it's designed to be able to automatically chat or call it's really good so GIVE ME UR LEVIATHAN CARD

do you want to join the Obey me group on WhatsApp? click this



you could say it's good, but most of the videos don't change, and it's always the same so it's a bit boring :'D
and ok, I can watch Art/yaoi/ all things i like too [厲害]

Princess Tale


Gamenya mantep banget akhh! [大哭]

Idle Princess | Japanese


Game nya bagus, gak gampang bosen!
karakternya imut-imut (banyak lolinya lah pokonya anjir Tv T)
+ Naik level, Koin, Gem buat nge gacha juga Cepet banget. ga akan nyesel maen game ini
segitu saja saya malas nulis ಡ ͜ ʖ ಡ

the game is really good, great fun from the start to the graphics and everything is good too well, my advice for those of you who want to download this game, first try downloading the "Speed ​​VPN" App if you want a super smooth one play without being hindered again, and don't forget before downloading, check first the condition of sufficient storage run out or not . happy playing !! this is really recommended!
(I'm too happy because I got todoroki card at the beginning of the game)

I use that VPN App it is smooth while playing, so who knows it's useful for you too ^^
It's a bit dangerous on your phone, but this doesn't seem to be a problem at all [難過]

Play Together


the game is really good, it's quite fun in some areas in it, including games In the haunted house. the animals are all cute too.but why is it still pre-registered? Isn't it possible to download it because want to update it but I can't do it through the Playstore so i want updated here please release as soon as possible 🙏🏻

I really like the game! simple and fun .. especially for Haikyuu fans, and really I really like Oikawa but here he is a bit restless and so annoying Tv T (I'm trying to distract him again-)
he sometimes thwarts my efforts to take the bread In fact, I often have trouble taking volleyball

Rhythm Hive


the game is great, and the graphics are very attractive!besides that, the note slides is also easy and simple,

just little problem is : Only at first opening, loading Stuck at 65% continuously but immediately enter quickly, Characters and Music sometimes the names are not the same as instructed other than that, if you want to increase the heart level of a character, then the person chosen sometimes is wrong ; -; but yeah that's natural This game has just been released, I just updated it earlier when I started playing it was a bit laggy but it ran out smoothly, and some are already perfect! let's play the game hehh so cool! not playing, definitely regret it! [哇噻]

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look at my cats working hard to make good soup for you~ Read Note
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