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i cry a lot abt 2d men no less
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i cry a lot abt 2d men no less
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this game is hell incarnate. you cannot pretend to like this game casually because one way or another you're going to be knee-deep in their lore and now you're emotionally attached. THATS WHAT HAPPENED TO ME. RUN. RUN WHILE YOU STILL CAN. THERE'S STILL HOPE. YOU CAN LIVE YOUR LIFE WITHOUT EVER KNOWING THESE GUYS. SAVE YOURSELF

jokes aside this series has been a comfort for me for months now. it has the weirdest idol lore but that adds to the charm i guess????? everyone has their own quirks and the variety of the cast is so good so you're bound to find a character that fits your niche. listen to the songs! stan Valkyrie!! Stan Ryuseitai!! Stan Undead!! Don't Stan Crazy:B (please do)

word of advice: don't go broke for these men it is not worth it bro. there's always next time so dont feel bad if you cant rank in events or gacha. may luck always be in your favor. have fun with this game. it all goes downhill from here

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