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Where do I start with this game, first of all this game is owned by tencent and using the shift up name to draw more people in, tencent is a greedy greedy company only cares about maximising profits and leaving f2p community in the dump, tencent dose not like people criticising the game, they have disabled the reviews on the Google play store, banned people on Discord, reddit and any other social media trying to criticise the game and I am a victim from their banning spree in fact I had a huge argument with their reddit mod who stated that I was inciting hatred which in fact I was stating a fact that they disabled reviews on Google play store and banned me for 7 days, but the overall game is ok but the optimization and bugs and terrible the story and voice acting is brilliant but overall the game is ok.

massive improvement from last game well done dev

Path to Nowhere


very good

Idle Angels



Isle of Genesis - Avalon


this Game has been released so many times lol, don't get me wrong the Art work is Fantastic, gameplay meh but at the end of the day this game is one of those cash grab type of games

if you like a basic gacha game and like the anime series this is the game for you the gaming mechanics is really basic just set team and every level increases power spike and all you do is level up characters and gear also I like the unique combo feature mechanic in the game but for anything else it's bare bones but it's not surprising it's made by BANDAI NAMCO which their priority is more profit than improvement

The Furious Yama | Korean


for some reason the game doesn't load so I don't know if the Korean version has been shutdown but will try the Chinese version

I have been playing for about a week now and I have to say I enjoyed it, the gameplay is quite basic but I don't know something about it makes me want to play more some characters have animations which is fantastic but I will admit the gatcha rate is A$$ I think I did around eight 10 pulls to get a SSR but you do get a free SSR when playing the story mode so it's not all bad but if anyone is interested to download the game now their is a event going on which you can get a free SSR unit in the 7 day event so don't miss out.

Unknown Future


played around a hour and I have to say I enjoyed it, the ultimate skill animations are 10/10 and could compete with Epic seven in my view, the card system reminds me of fate grand order / hearthstone and the game overall is like a RPG/ Ideal game and lastly you don't need a Vpn but you do need to use a phone number to gain access to a guest account use a phone generator to gain access.



If you want to give the Chinese government permission to look into your phone this is the game for you the permissions include calls and contacts, internal storage access and many other permissions don't get me wrong I play Chinese games but some don't ask for excessive permissions not like this game 😒

Time Defenders


I have played around 30mins and I have to say it's technically a arknights clone but instead of 2D models its 3D models, the gameplay is very generic and the skill animations are very lack luster for a vespa game I would of thought the skill animations were going to be 10/10 but it was very basic but if your into the story their are some good cut scenes but as I don't understand the language I don't know whats going on but lastly I would say the gatcha rate is quite reasonable like I got a lot of SSRs in three or four pulls which is fantastic.

brilliant turn base Rpg if you like skill animations like epic seven this game is for you I don't really understand the story as only speak English but it looks interesting I like how the SR heroes change appearance once you unlock level cap and the interesting turn base mechanics where you can attack different objects which can change the battlefield advantage and I think the gatcha is very generous I keep getting free 10 pulls but overall a solid game 10/10

the positives is the jp version of Idola is very free to play not like the global version the large amount of characters to collect the animations free each character are 10/10 and if your a epic seven kind of player this is a kind of game for you

I just played the game for 10 minutes now and I love it, it's basically like fate grand order/ seven deadly sins mechanics but I would recommend playing on emulator as I was playing on S9 plus and the game started to overheat and unfortunately had to stop but definitely will play again on emulator. (Update) the game is not available on emulator meh 😔😔😔



Counter: side is a brilliant game which has a lot of potential as a gatcha game but has a massive downside and that is the p2w and whaling balance in the game for example PvP and real time pvp is so broken you might as well not play as there is so many p2w players it's crazy and not to mention the updates for new banners every week is overwhelming as f2p players don't have time to save up for each banner and let's talk about the latest bingo scam event which not only it's a grind fest it also has Misson requirements to complete such as summoning 50 times and spend over 100k of the purple currency and other stuff which the end result of all your hard work is 1 copy of a SSR character in which btw is only 3 star you will need many dupes to unlock that characters abilities it's just terrible overall and one more thing the company dose not listen to the SEA.COMMUNITY about problems with the game either because I have seen multiple comments about some of the issues I have noted but I am not surprised as the IP is owned by GREEDY NEXON.

This game used to be called Lyn the lightbringer until it was shutdown by nexon, this game is typical epic seven style game but very grindy especially leveling up characters and gear I would hope the new company who bought this IP would of improved the grindy system but unfortunately it's the same so if your a type of person who doesn't mind grinding endless hours this is the game for you and lastly the graphics are dated on the 3D models but the 2D art if ayy ok.



If you like collecting military waifus and a brilliant anime intro this is the game for you the gameplay is decent the art work is fantastic but the downside it's a nexon game and meaning behind that is that the companies reputation is terrible for maximising profits, not listening to their community and shutting down games which have potential

it's a ok game I like it 👌

hmm the gameplay is quite basic the art work is brilliant but I don't know what the story is about as I only speak English but overall 3 out of 10

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my general thoughts about this I played black surge Night on the Chinese servers as it was only available in china so it was a mandatory Vpn which was meh but when I played it for the first the graphics were amazing it was like azur lane but each character had an animation like epic seven I would say if your a azur lane fan and epic seven fan this is right up your street hopefully one day they can release a global version. Read Note
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