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Girls X Battle 2


First off-
The promotions for this game are superrrrr clickbaity. Ngl the concept of these promotions are f'ed up (insinuating underage pregnancy...) That's definitely not it, but aside from it's shady marketing techniques and on to the actual game itself it's alright.
(psssh this review is gonna be a bit everywhere, its just a summary from what I've experienced in the 4+ months of playing).
Pretty much use it for passing time and I'm willing to pay more than VIP3 (the only rank you need to go for if your looking to pay). The events is what gives life into the game, varying from repeating events to on the rare occasions new and somewhat interesting events. PS: NEVER BUY THE EVENT PACKS. ITS A RIPOFF
The gameplay is very repetitive but once you've got a good flow going the game becomes super easy. I personally don't pay attention to the story due to it generally looking quite uninteresting and once you've gotten into the higher lvls their borderline forgettable. Btw the lvling system is BS. In the higher lvls takes weeks to even get one more rank up.
(LOL I noticed at this point I'm kinda bashing on the game so here's something nice).
It's super easy to obtain ingame occurrences (gems, coins, etc) just a little bit of self control can get you far! The art itself is quite nice on the eyes, obviously not super detailed but its enough to be enjoyable (although I wish after all this time they'd try to make it more complex but oh well...).
Overall the game is pushing more towards p2w, giving them more stuff. F2w players...good lucking lvling up lol

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