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Soul Knight | Global


great game to play with cute pixel graphic~
a little bit grindy but still fun to play~

Revived Witch | English


nice pixel style game with nice bgm <3

good place to hang out with friends :D

Dumb Ways to Die Original


good old game C:



nice platform to upload your artwork :D

Adorable Home


lovely game to play during covid

cute girls with smooth motions and models, but gacha system is really disappointing Dx

Good as usual Tales games, with varietes of characters to mix in your party, nice graphic and model, pity system is a bit harsh but free to play.
Nice storyline with twist, will play this in a long term( ~'ω')~

kill your time with taking care of Angela! tons of clothing choice out there for you to choose and choices of minigame

Play Together


Nice platform to play with your close and long distanced friends during covid [開心]

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Yay #TowerOfFantasyAvatarChallenge  Read Note
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