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Let's admit I post memes now. And identity v
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Let's admit I post memes now. And identity v
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a sound game [鬼臉]( ・ิω・ิ)

I love this game been playing for two years. and it still finds a way to make me log in. I love the characters. events. and even my union. they just drop 9* and I am so happy more pretty anime characters for me to collect. but they are few problems. they don't give you enough currency to do multi summons. I only summon once a month. Yes you heard me I summon once a month. the only way you can get come and see is from events or story mode I guess Tower to but..... that doesn't give you enough. bosses are very difficult if you don't have the correct characters. in some cases are completely useless wow others I think every single players that have because the game is just that difficult. but even with all its flaws I still love it.( I do hope they upgrade 7* in to 8* at least some of them)

this game is absolutely trash my phone actually froze I do not like him in this game to anyone stay away from it please the combat attempt to be AFK but fails miserably this is a disappointing game please do not download for your sake

Soccer Spirits


the game was fun I guess... I like to kill some designs and the gameplay was very fun my only problem is talk to many strong people most people can foster children one side so who is no reason I've been playing a game not to mention the developer do not like to fance I'm constantly put up dates that we don't want let's talk about the comeback it is it is very boring some kids are too strong some kids are too weak even though both of them are ssr but overall I still enjoyed it so you can get with you for me good job you made a good game

RAID: Shadow Legends


this game is cool for people who want to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars but for the free to players don't even thinking about it PVP is too difficult everyone has a f****** hegemon and I would go further but I don't like making log Texas さてから大阪中央線高尾誰かからさっゃたか札幌震度3だからさだ

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