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Ichika & luka simp (TOMBOY SUPREMACY),Sorry for bad english btw
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Ichika & luka simp (TOMBOY SUPREMACY),Sorry for bad english btw
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i have been waiting for this game for such a long time,but sadly turn out disappointing

graphics: tbh,the chara looks like a moving cheap plastic action figure (even in high resolution)

sound: the opening theme song kinda nice actually

gameplay: its really simple for a 3d combat style,its fun at first but after playing for a while it become boring

story: the worst thing in this game,they really are just milking this series

value: this is one of the worst SAO game of all time, i cant believe they make this a special gift for 10 anniv of SAO

Memento Mori


the only thing that keep me playing this game is the music and the seiyuu,the storyline is predictable and the gameplay......well is an idle rpg [汗顏]

Touhou LostWord | Global


graphics:The arts is really good,and the last word animation is so cool[開心] (the chibi chara looks cute too)

sound:its touhou music ofc its good

story:the best part of the game,i always waiting for the next story every update come

note:this game needs a lot of grinding,but since its has an auto battle you can just leave your phone while the auto is on and do something else while waiting,personally i play valorant in my pc while the auto is doing its job

Heaven Burns Red


first of all the gameplay is boring,but the storyline is amazing (as expected from jun maeda)

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whats wrong with my luck?? i think i drained all my luck for today [汗顏] Read Note
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