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Red: Pride of Eden (CBT)


The game is pretty good. Graphics and animated ultimate attacks are very seamlessly integrated for a smooth battle feel. Story is typical. Gameplay is semi-auto letting you activate ults when their ult meter is full. You can also put the game on full auto if you wish. I will put this game on my sidebar list for when I want a more laidback game to play. Also be sure to register on Yoyaku Top 10 予約くTOP10 since they're letting people do advanced gacha for a chance to select an SR rarity character.

Sacred Blade


Graphics are "cute" 3/5
Sound is rather mediocre 3/5
Gameplay is okay, but very convoluted for a puzzle RPG. As many of these games as I've played in the past, it isn't easy to follow how to initiate best practices in this game. Needs better fundamental explanations. 3/5
Story is okay, but rather run-of-the-mill, i.e. We must save the villiage trope #100 billion. 3/5
Can't get decent characters in this game without shelling out some real money, with different currencies separating the different P2P VS f2P character banners. 2/5

Overall, it's average. I'll keep it on my phone, but once some of the higher profile games I've been waiting on for release next month come out, like Hero Cantare (Global Ver. 5/26), Exos Heroes (5/28), and Tales of Crestoria (Some time in June 2020), It will either be permanently uninstalled, or moved to one of my emulators for occasional play until I'm completely bored with it.

Just like I remember playing overt a year ago. Nice to see it finally get some global love.



Decent game. Hasn't changed since I first played in the beta a short while back, but it's not bad for an idle game.

Graphics 3: Could be greatly improved on, especially the attack animations and impact on enemies. I hope they consider doing some graphical upgrades in the near future.
Sound 3: Nothing special here. It isn't awful, but I also would have appreciated English VA as an option when I'm tired of hearing the JP VA for the main cast.
Gameplay 2: It's like a match up of Dokkan Battle and those Match 3 puzzle games. They need to introduce some real events into the game to allow people to gain higher amounts of premium currency at one time instead of doling it out in small chunks. They're doing this because they know it's human nature/impulse that when you've been saving smaller chunks for a long period, you're more likely to spend it as soon as you reach an amount large enough to use.
Story 1: What story?? There isn't one. The so-called mission mode is just a series of fights with a boss waiting at the end. The dialogue when you unlock a new are is so sparse, you can barely call it a dialogue. It's usually just the boss ninja bragging about how good their skills are.
Value 2: Overall, this game has pretty bad value. The character pull rates are horrible. I've been playing since the start of the CrunchyRoll CBT straight into launch. I've spent a sizable chunk of money and so far I've only managed to get 3x dupes of UR Kakashi, and 2x dupes of UR 7th Hokage Naruto. Granted, you can play the game just fine with most of the SR characters since it's much easier to get dupes and character shards of SR rarity characters. However, the game needs a pity system if the rates are this crappy. I'll probably continue to play only because I really like Naruto/Boruto as an anime series, but it's highly unlikely I'll spend any more money unless they introduce a pity system for those of us who are supporting their game with real money.

Not bad.

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days!



Monster Hunter Riders


The game is pretty good so far. It's definitely above average compared to some recent 2020 mobile game releases so far. I'm not generally a Monster Hunter fan, but I like the fact it's turn-based and you can't go wrong with ninja characters (which I managed to get 2x5* ninja characters.) So far, I'm entertained and hope they have some neat events and crossovers in store for the future.

Art Code Summoner


Okay game. Right now they have a lot of bugs which interfere with a player's daily grind. Some daily missions can't be auto skipped using tickets, even though they SHOULD be able to be finished using skip tickets. There are some other problems they need to address with a quick patch if they want people to stick around past launch week. We'll see how fast they fix the game up.

Just another cash grab game that's 3 years late on the global market. Day by day my patience for these game companies trying to milk players with famous IPs wears thinner. I gave it a shot (8 times reset) all with abysmal card drops. Uninstalled. I wish the best for those that have been waiting for this game's global release.



The game has potential, but the devs need to seriously consider player concerns such as lack of stamina materials, overly expensive costs for leveling up gear and characters without multiple ways to recover either of these things. Also, enemy power scaling seriously needs to be changed or they need to make it easier to upgrade your gear and characters to meet the difficulty spike. Only time will tell if these things get changed. I like the animation, and various modes of play. Character designs are also good, but I wish they would make the 2 star characters more useful. Right now all they get used for is fodder because there is not enough inventory space.

Re: Zero Infinity


It's pretty good so far.

Hoshinari Echoes


Tried the game when released but initially didn't like it. came back to it after a few weeks and after reassessing, it's not that bad of a game and the character socialization aspect is actually kind of novel and not as typical for most rpg-esq games. The game does offer a little difficulty the further you go. I'll stick with it for now and see where it goes.

Utawarerumono Lost Flag


Simply disappointing.

Renshin Astral


The game is decent. It reminds me of a combo of tower defense, and Tetris combined with a CCG battle style. The Live2D art is excellent, and the sound on the stages is also well done and fits the theme of the location you're battling in. Gameplay is standard fare. Story is kind of boring, though it's to be expected. Drop rates are nothing special. Overall, it's worth a try for those that like this style of strategy game. I'm playing on an emulator since I don't think it's worth having as a main game on my phone.

I'm sure it would be a great game if SQEX could get their crap together with the potato servers they're using to host the game. This company never learns its lesson about proper server stress testing before launching a game...sigh. guess I'll try it out tomorrow in between work breaks.

Ayakashi Rumble!


It's a DMM game so don't expect any innovation. It's decent to waste a little time on if you're burnt out on your other main games.

Lutie Chronicles


A poorly made game.

Border Reign | Japanese


Been waiting for this game to come out in Japanese for a while. I played in all the Chinese ver. CBTs and it wasn't bad. Character drop rates are kind of bad though. luckily it's easy to reroll since the tutorial is quick, just make sure you have good WIFI since the game is pretty bulky to keep redownloading. Also if there is a name you like make sure you do name change to a trash name before deleting your data otherwise you won't be able to keep your name next time you reroll.

Not at all what I expected. They give you all these awesome-looking characters but then you just equip them like armor or something? You can't even see them during battle, so what's the point? I don't want to see some generic looking avatar battling instead of the cards I obtained. For that reason (poor design aesthetics) I had to uninstall.

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