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Kono Warui Koneko!


The game will not complete the resource download for me. It gets stuck around 89% and won't finish loading.



Pretty decent overall.

Eternal Tree | Japanese


Good game so far, can't wait for official release![開心]

Miko Note


Welp, another game I've been waiting for for more than a year that I'll F2P in. I will shell out money in support of smaller dev teams, but not when they IP/region block. My rating will change if they ever remove the VPN requirement.

7 Rhythm Dash


I don't usually play with rhythm games, but I'm trying this one due to the rpg elements. It's a fair game for its genre I guess. Graphics are too cartoony for my tastes. Sound is decent for a game that relies partially on its music tracks as a selling point, with more than 50+ starting tracks and more promised as the game develops. Gameplay seems typical. The game is pretty challenging at some of the higher level stages (lv. 9+ and up). The storyline is complete rubbish but lucky for me I didn't anticipate it being good anyway, so I wasn't too let down and honestly, past the opening chapter of the game I stopped bothering to read the story.

Overall: The game's worth a try if you like rhythm games, but it's rather grindy. Resources for building characters take time even with stage skip tickets & the limited amount you can buy in the exchange shop with the game's free coins each month. The RPG aspects the game tries to employ definitely need more consideration and further tweaking to make them worth while.

project: 1024(CBT)


Not bad. I love turn-based RPGs and looks like this one is on its way to being pretty good down the line if the developers keep polishing it. I will keep playing during the beta. Perhaps if they succeed in their home country we'll also see a global version later.

Over Eclipse


All I can say is, I have a gut feeling this game is going to fail from the start just by what I experienced in the first 15 min. Graphics: mediocre and outdated 3D.
Sound: nothing special. The tracks sound like elevator music...forgettable.
Gameplay: battles are boring with no particluar flair visually.
Storyline: Obviously, after only playing for 30 min I can't say much, but the overall theme and setting of the game is just too bland for my personal each his/her own I guess.
Value: The game features a fragment system for character summoning. I HATE FRAGMENT SYSTEMS! I never play games with this feature longer than about a week at most before I just lose motivation to play the game. As someone who likes to play mobile gatcha games to collect unique and interesting characters with great design concepts, fragment systems ruin this for me. I don't want 15 fragments of a random character each time I save game currency to draw for something. It's a cheap development tactic designed to get players to immediately feel the urge to spend real money out of pure frustration, which I will not do. Oh, not to mention the game requires 3,000 gems per multi which is crazy considering you are only getting character frags..

Overall: Due to all this games cons, I am uninstalling right after this rating and I can't recommend this game to anyone, much less gacha enthusiasts as you'll likely be frustrated right out the gate.

Dice Saber


edit: Based on some info I looked into online, it looks like the game MIGHT be coming out globally soon. I hope it comes out in May, but guess we'll see. Until then, my score will stay the same. I really want to try this game because of the battle system.

edit 2: According to Naver moderators for the game, Dice Saber is "pre-opening" on 5/14/21 which I guess is probably for pre-download purposes, and launching global access on 5/17/21! Yay, May launch like I was hoping for. Let's hope it's a real global launch without region blocking and with at least a Japanese or English translation.

edit 3: I have just checked today, and I was able to access the game on 5/12/21 so I guess if you were able to update to version 1.4 you can start playing now!!

櫻都學園 | 簡中版


This game is a Persona knockoff, which is clear within the first 3 minutes of the game. This isn't necessarily a bad thing though since I love turn-based RPGs and Persona is one of my favorite RPG series. Graphics are really nice, sound is good, game play reminds me a lot of CROSSING VOID in terms of battle mechanics. My only gripe so far is the piss-poor server connection that keeps booting me out of the game every 2 minutes. Granted, I'm not in China right now, but damn please fix the server issues and constant crashes. If they do this, this game will actually be very solid.

This game was apparently shut down in Japan, and possibly elsewhere too, so players beware. It's not a horrible game, but it's a bit outdated for the current era of mobile gaming. I'd say try it out at your own risk, but don't spend any money because the global version will probably end up shutting down within a year too..[發困]



Nice turn-based concept ruined by extremely slow character progression.

The best 2 things about this "game" are 1. The music compositions are superb and 2. The graphical representation and character designs. The story is just okay which is why I'm not sure why people are claiming it's so enthralling. Other than that, I'm not impressed at all. I've never been interested in this IP before now, and unfortunately, this entry did not do enough to satisfy my curiosity. I gave it a shot for 3 days but I think it's personally a NO. Time to uninstall.

Himegami Kagura


Not bad, but just average IMO. Rates are typical for gatcha these days with characters @1% and Weapon Spirits (equipment) @ 4% for highest rarity (God rarity 神 in this game). It's a nice little time waster that is a bit more carefree in presentation. You need a ton of dupes to rank up skills, so lower tier characters are probably going to be slightly more beneficial since you'll be able to unlock all 3 active character skills sooner.

I like the skill animations for the ultimate attacks, however, skills outside of ults are kind of vanilla, and because of the fact that your characters basically fight on top of each other (a mob type game), it makes it difficult to see the action during fights (which is a bit aggravating for a game that has semi-auto battles.)

Sound: Decent (not much to say here really)

Story: Seems a bit boring with most of it related to Japanese or East Asian cultural mythology. However, the game is also advertised as having some 'Western' mythology thrown in as one of the default characters is designed in a "modern" or contemporary style if you like that sort of thing in your games. To me it's not a pro nor con.

Value: You get to redraw in the tutorial gatcha as many times as you like, but you can only get 1 god rarity character in this pull. Outside of that, you also get some 10x pull tickets for pre-registering and by the time you complete the prologue in the main story you get another 10x pull. I think I did around 40x draws with not a single God rarity character to show for it, so now I guess I'll just save up my premium currency for the first pity banner since the game doesn't appear to have a pity system. Luckily, most lower rarity characters seem viable due the above mentioned easier access to dupes, which you need in order to unlock other character abilities.

I can recommend you to at least give this game a try, if only as a side game when you're bored with your main games.

Side Note: Elderark エルダーアーク, is another game from this dev team that is a really solid game. I've been playing since release last year and I have built up a pretty solid deck of characters. All characters can reach max rarity with devotion and resource grinding and it the game has events which push you to use all of your characters. Check that game out too if you want a solid turn-based JRPG. They are very generous with gems/login bonuses, have frequent events, and it's one of the few games I've played which I've been able to pretty consistently pull new UR characters as long as I save up enough free gems prior to the next banner, which the company is really good at letting you know ahead of time with character previews on their official Twitter account.

Touhou Tihuuin


Slow and boring. Uninstalled after first five minutes.

X-HERO: Idle Avengers


Interesting concept.

Fantasia Re:build


I like the game so far. I think it was worth my waiting for it!

Graphics are 2D, but very well animated including the ultimate attacks. Each character has a variety of skills which can be obtained by making progress in game with materials to Limit Break, or "Rebuild" them as this game calls it.

Sound: The quality is pretty good. Voice actors are very professional. I wish the main story had more voiced dialogue though.

Gameplay: Honestly, the game has too many tutorials which are not possible to skip at the beginning which I found annoying except for the explanation of how some of the more unique battle mechanics work such as the "Rotation" mechanic. The game starts off very easy, but quickly ramps up towards the last quarter of Chapter 1, where you encounter the first minor "boss" fights. Character progression is about average; not too fast, but also not so grindy that I want to throw my phone at the wall in disgust--so just about right.

Story: The story is your run-of-the-mill "Isekai worlds collide" cliché that has been beaten further into the ground than a dead horse. I can't say I'm that surprised about this as I knew what this game was going to be about (Collecting your favorite light novel characters) from the start. Due to this, I find the dialogue to be rather boring. Additionally, the developers decided to add dialogue choices which are a lazy attempt to appear as if you're making a difference during character interactions and your own avatar, however, I feel this mechanic has also been overdone, and unnecessary considering the lack of impact on the story. So far, the best mobile game example I can think of has been Re:Zero. It's an excellent example of how to make a story with multiple branches depending on the choices you make during the dialogue. IF, the devs of this game were paying attention, they could also add some "IF" storyline choices in the future, but somehow I doubt it. It just seems like a very huge lost opportunity considering most of the characters in this game have a very long history in their respective books that could have been utilized for such a cause, and considering the "Isekai worlds collide" backdrop they went with...but I digress. In a nutshell, the dialogue is drab and unmemorable at best, i.e. boring. I end up skipping a good portion of it just to get back to the battles, which is the meat of the game. Really hope they do something better in the near future.

Value: Overall, the game looks and plays pretty solid. A good balance of difficulty is present without being so frustratingly insane as to make me turn it off immediately. I did not bother rerolling in this game, even though I did have my heart set on getting Lina Inverse. I did get Zel, so I guess I'll have to settle for him until they have fixed the issue they've currently got with in-game purchases so I can by the Lina Inverse release pack. (I gotta have all the Slayers cast, so help me!) So far, I got no 5 stars with the pre-register gifts. I managed to get several 4* characters, and then 1x 5* after earning enough premium currency at the end of chapter 1 and by completing the first round of the bingo board campaign. I will definitely stick with it though because I can tell this game has a lot of potential ahead of it.

5-star rates are horrible in this game right out the gate which is an immediate red flag, not to mention it's region locked meaning you need a VPN to play. Can't believe I waited so long for this. Oh well. I hope Fantasia Rebuild doesn't let me down later this week.
EDIT: Looks like they removed the VPN require ment.



The game is decent, but sadly I need to uninstall for more anticipated games in the next couple of weeks. If it didn't feel so grindy I'd consider sacrificing another game, but I just don't have the time and energy for games with heavy grind anymore.

Super String


Can't play since the game does nothing but crash before and during load screen.

Unknown Future


Pretty solid card RPG. Hope it gets a global release one day. Premium currency is pretty generous at the beginning and I've managed to get sone decent characters without spending real money. Graphics and animation are great, with character designs being represented with quality. I don't read Chinese so can't say much for story, though I do appreciate the Jp voice acting and aesthetics. Overall, an enjoyable, if not original concept.

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I'm playing the CBT for this right now and it's really good. The turn based combat is traditional but satisfying, The character designs are all top notch at all rarities, and the leveling system is fair so far. The story is pretty heafty but still good from what I've read so far. It's JP only so far, but perhaps if they do enough marketing it might have a chance of getting published outside of Japan later. We'll see I suppose. Read Note
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