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just a teenager struggling with daily life
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just a teenager struggling with daily life
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Genshin Impact


i definitely should have done it earlier but here's my review on this game so far (im only on the venti arc)

First off , the graphics are just incredible. Although it is somewhat similar to other games of its genre, it is also very different. This especially applies to its gameplay. Now for context, as y'all know, you need a certain adventure rank to move on to the next story quests and so on and on. And the way to get the xp for increasing the adventure rank, you have to do the 4 daily commissions, just activate the waypoints for a small bonus or world quests . Unless you're like me who doesn't really focus on the story (quests) and has sufficient adventure rank for awhile, you will struggle as u reach the 30's, specifically the late ones. I don't know how dedicated one can be to reach 40 on adventure but it's good for them I suppose.

I don't want to drag this too much so here's the next one, sound and storyline. This time I will go more in depth about the story itself, but before we get there , let's talk about the sound. The sound is pretty unique in its own way. Although it's not the greatest, but it's not the worse by any means. Meaning that I kind of enjoy the soundtrack from the game which made it a slightly better experience. Next one would be the storyline. The storyline is actually kind of interesting (so far) and although the monsters were way too easy to defeat, at least the story line's cool.

Anyway, in conclusion, it's a pretty good game. It's not perfect but it's good enough you know? And I would love to include more but im too tired. So yeah, enjoy the game and its wonderful rates for new characters !! 😃

One Piece Thousand Storm


hm, honestly this game is a good one if u ever want to feel good about yourself from time to time haha.

story-wise : well i know the storyline already so of course i know that it's good...

sound : 10/10, classic n nice to play with, although i play music over it HAHAHA

gameplay : somewhat loved the unique system of gameplay which was simple n not too complex for me to understand hahah

others : love the summon rates though like for real HAHA :)

but its a good game seriously

broo , I never thought that I would have actually enjoy this type of game ever HAHAHA :)

seriously though, for someone who has never played a rhythm game before, it really shocked me. first off, the CUTENESS of the characters made me go 'woah, they cuter than a whole lot of other girls 😚'

secondly, the amount of songs and the quality of them are really good like i don't think i ever got bored everr

thirdly, story-wise, i enjoy the interactions between the different characters which are much more engaging than other games.

lastly, that feeling when you get the new characters is SO good. its like 'YES, I GOT HERR'.

but of course, maybe there is a better game but I still enjoyed Bang Dream regardless :)

well this game was really a bummer...

first off, it is pretty hard game to grind on as you have to just wait to earn enough to buy new facilities, resources required for your hunters and so on. it gets pretty taxing as you have to make sure that you have enough for your hunters like gear, food, entertainment even....

i wish that it had more story and content with it instead of being just a limited game that only involves three areas, a few difficulties and an arena and abit more.

apart from that, its a sub-par game that is too limited in terms of gameplay and content as I have already said.

Brave Frontier | Global


oh my god. well this game is definitely different from the majority of games that ive played over my few years of having a phone.

first of all, this game really needs you to grind alot for the gems (basc currency to summon) by doing either the story or the events (the first clear/rewards for clearing). the leveling system is pretty easy to understand, good main/support characters aren't impossible to get for a f2p like me.

story wise : its a pretty decent story which I can follow. of course its not so good that i just listen to the dialogue n read the text, not at all HAHA. other than that, its okay

gameplay : hahaha the memories that I get from my countless hours of grinding this game and falling asleep. but for real, sometimes for me, especially in the later parts of the story, i start to get ridiculously bored of fighting. like im too powerful for the enemies and i try to come up with things to accomplish during the battle like getting more sparks, crits or damage. of course, there are other challenges to do but it's not like im that good yet so i don't bother with it. there's more that i like to mention later on.

sound : its very medieval if i were to describe it. somehow i get this sense of nostalgia from it whenever i listen to it.

graphics : for a game like brave Frontier, its pretty good. of course it can improve but for a rpg like this ,its already alright.

others : there's two things that i want to talk about, arena and that one mode that you unlock when reaching lvl 40. arena in a way has alot of ways to 'cheat'. like of course I don't play it that much but still , i rarely lose and win quite alot haha. of course im not saying that its too easy or whatever. it can hard at times but if you have the right characters and all, you can probably succeed in winning 7-9 out of 10 of your matches. next is the mode tht u get upon reaching lvl 40. i admit, its something that i like to do from time to time when i run out of stamina or energy to play the storyline missions but its not really the best mode to play i guess? anyway other than that, its okay.

overall : ah shit, its a pretty good game.

well this is only based on my first 2-5 hours of playing but its okay. well just that i find getting characters more interesting and achieving than doing the other modes.

i can't say much about it but like to me, i wouldn't exactly want to play this game too much but only as a time to time thing.

Google Translate


let me tell u, the voice acting is out of this world omg 😳😳😳 no game can beat this one.

NBA LIVE Mobile | Global


its your basic sports game, you got the events, the 14-18 game season where it gets harder every season , you're probably only playing only because you're bored or u just wanna annihilate teams on season games

HAHAHAH this game damn addictive (obviously)

i don't have much to say about it apart from the fact that its a good vent game but a horrible one if you got terrible teammates 😭

Exos Heroes


ehh its okay i guess? the battle system is not bad by any means but its abit boring n limiting to me? its just my preference.

graphics wise : of course it can improve but its decent 😕

sound : well nothing much to say about it,, i'm ok with it

gameplay : its alright, the characters that u can get from like different summons is cool but sometimes trash HAHAH :(

story : actually one of the better aspects of this game, its pretty unique i guess

remarks : im okay with how it is but it isn't a game that i would play long term

Dragon Raja | SEA


overall the game is pretty good, i enjoyed it n liked the fact that it had some sort of anime feeling into it. story isn't that good but its interesting enough for me i guess. to be honest, the fact that im able to make friends from other countries is really nice as well! i just hope that it continues to improve over time and not become dry like other mmorpgs

well i just started playing recently and so far its alright? but over time it feels like it could become boring. of course there are events and all but it is mostly too difficult for me so i have no choice but to grind the story with my 'too op for the story' characters. but overall its a good game, just need to be consistently playing it though

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