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Good game but full bots on my team even if im at legendary rank...
The match making is absolutely broken!!!
The other team is always better than mine and yeah... I freak out when I lose bcs of my team but the rest of the game is very good especially the free skins we get.( ・ิω・ิ)

God of High School


After playing some time of this game my conlusion is the game is similiar to OPTC but a worst version... Ngl but I wasn't expecting korean voice actors here and I hate them(no offence I like more japonese voices) and the gameplay, sound, graphics, story are ok tho...

This game is rly good but the chance of getting ssrs suck bcs i can't get 1 ssr after multiple pulls so I hope they put a better rate of getting ssrs, the rest is rly good for f2p players good job Netmarble! [哇噻][色色]
Edit: I got my acc hacked by a hacker (ofc) and I'm sad now bcs netmarble letted the hackers invade the game and now a hacker stole my acc lol and no I dint even try to trade or something It is rly a hacker so yeah I hope netmarble ban the hackers in the next update or else I'm gonna be sad again -_-

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