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Holy hell... The auto system just make me turn off... Well done for make this game a bit worst by that

But hey.. Aside of that the scenery is good it's probably better than genshin impact imo..

So if you like Ghibli animation why don't you grab this game even tho it have crappy auto system...

Just take it easy and enjoy the scenery..



You know... Just play Compass instead.. It's more solid arena battle same with 3v3 concept with 3 minutes time limit



I think it's good.. But the connection problem make this game unplayable.. I don't know how many of you can play this game.. But i can't.. Bcs everytime i play or battling i always got disconnected.. Hope they'll update the game in the near future..

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The feeling of Ghibli world Sure sure they have auto system.. But this world just gorgeous.. 
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