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It's become one of my fav games already. I loveee the characters, graphics and gameplay. The gameplay is unique. It's a game of romance and case-solving. Mystery games such as case-solving detective game is totallllyyy my fav type of genre. Add a little romance and spice to it and it's perfect! I play this game almost every day. I just can't stop playing it. I'm addicted to it. Love it💖💖

Can y'all just stop complaining over the protagonist and sexist thingy? This is an OTOME game for God's sake. It's obvious just by looking at it even before the game is released. Don't think of this as "yaoi" or whatever. We females are especially target audience of this game. Anyway, y'all should already know that this is an otome game since the description is written "An otome game with simple smth..... " and that the catboys refer to us as "kanojo" which means "her, she" in English. This isn't a BL. Hope you understand this. The game is just SUPERB. This has already become one of my fav otome games. I love the characters(catboys), graphics, sounds, voices and EVERYTHING. I love this game. Pls make more games like this in the future!



I need more games like this. Mystery visual novel games are totally my fav! I just want to enjoy the story for free. This game isn't a paid game however, you can purchase jewels and other items by clicking "in the shop" button. I really love this game!💖💖 The characters, storyline and gameplay! Pls continue to create more games like this!

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