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Himegami Kagura


this game was 99hime back in 2014 on dmm, I was really love it. It die when chrome stop supporting flash for a while.

Girls Symphony


[賣萌] I have played this game on dmm before, pretty fun and very f2p game. The reason i quit is the clumsy weapon mechanic, but may be they improved it, so i will give it a try again.

Lucky Boy


honestly, very fun game, good design and music.

relaxing game. but it's uncomfortable to control things in this game.

after 2 hours of playing this game, i felt this game is treating me like shit, pretty much like Pride of Eden. Then i realized it has Chinese and global version already, so this is a Chinese game, so im not surprised.

Behind You!!


best gacha game ever

I used to think this is good game and I can replace princonne, but i was wrong. Totally rubbish.

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completely disappeared today is the release date, but this game is completely disappeared from DMM Games and Twitter. Does Anyone know what happened? Read Note
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