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Narumi Rin is my name.
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Narumi Rin is my name.
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the game is there cuz of the girls .idc imma still play

A really good app to hang out with friends and esy to operate. Good for gaming and genrally organized communication .

This the best game ive ever played. Truely. So good on the new PS5

Spotify Music


Just use Amazon Music, lesser ads. otherwise i think Spotify one of the best games out there.

Twitch is really good. felt out of place first but twitch is good. still do prefer YouTube tho. don't know why, it gives off a home kind a feel.

love this game, alrhough the storyline ain't that intrestinf the anime is really good. Overall, love the game. good graphics and really fun to play. the gacha system is also not bad at all. at least for me it isnt. Coming back after Mihoyo changed to Hoyoverse and I cant link my account. if someone could help me with this rhabn you .

Mahjong Soul | English


Really different from any other mahjong game I've played so far. its so fun and the events are also so creative and the characters are cool, the voices and voice lines and the gameplay itself.

its an amazing game. the story, the songs, the maps, the way the game flows, the characters, the art. you name it and ill say its good.

its a really good game. Love the songs and the maps. the gameplay is smooth and i love it. The global version is out but i still like the JP version of it better even though I'm english. there are more songs in the JP version and iim sure rhey will add the songs in the global version too but i csnt wait that long with new songs coming out almost like everyday .

Loved this game and loved the anime too. To bad I can't play it in English but I managed for the first few weeks and am used to it now. If you can change the language someone please tell me where I can do so.



IIts really good game and has some of the best updates but I think its becoming a lot boring because of the sweats but it may be because im just bad.

Genshin Impact


i like this game dont get me wrong but the RNG on this thing is broken man. The amount you gotta grind just for one artifact is crazy. It might be just my bad luck. But tbh, I know RPGs work off our money. The whole point is to spend money. But this is more of a single player game so just a tiny bit even a 1% extra 5 star rate would be good. i started this game almost quite literally when it came out and I have only 2 5 stars without spending money. like i dont even think I should explain anymore. cuz im pretty sure most of you guys too are either very lucky with your rolls or very unlucky cuz tbh i don't really see a middle ground for all this.

Epic Seven | Global


The game is completed rigged. The RNG is soooo freaking bad and the chances of you getting good gear or a good character is sooooooo rare. Everytime i try and do arena i get one shot by people doing 30k dmg or whatever and here i am eith the shittiest gear. my characters are about lvl 30-40 each and iim eing paired up with people with the most cracked gear and all lvl 60. how the hell am i supposed enjoy the game. This game is also shit cuz some of the bosses are either broken or your buffs ddont work on them such as Imortallity or Skill Nullifier. They can just shoot through it. some of them even do 30k dmg like who can have that much health while also have an atk of 40k cuz you'll need it to defeat future bosses. this game is not f2p friendly. Some bosses are also broken cuz they either always have a skill nullifier or they are in stealth so you cant attack them at all unless all your characters can do AOE dmg. and the turns are even worse. sometimes you got to wait 8 turns before you can actually play and all your characters are gonna be dead cuz the boss minions can never die. they regenerate helath when you kill them and go back to full health with a 26k atk.

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