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V4 | Korean


Very good graphics, but literally just an auto farm game, theres nothing to actually play....

Arknights | English


Simple tower defense game using waifus, though if can be complicated if you dont have the specific units to make the stages easy. Music and story is where this game shines the most, game progression is simple but can take a long time just to upgrade units if you're unlucky with material drops. Very f2p friendly with gacha currency farming, pity system is good as it only takes 50 rolls to proc more % chance to get 6* banner rotation is great so you can always get the character you want eventually. Auto function works great as it mimics your unit deployment rotation. Cons are the gacha pity system, theres no gurantee way to get the character you want on banner, i have rolled numerous times and gotten off banner character which resets your pity counter. material drop rate can suck for certain stuff and take upgrading longer to do especially if youre new to the game.

SINoALICE | Global


I spend about 4 hours or more a day on this game, though my rating on it is not very high i still enjoy playing it due to the somwhat competitive nature. if youre looking for a story driven game this is not it, far from it, story is practically nonexistent here, the gameplay is super simple and easy to follow, auto function can suck if youre not over geared for the stage. The game is heavily PvP focused with guild battles everyday, tldr more money you pay the easiler it is for you to win in pvp, however I feel f2p or light spending is the way to go for the pvp as you will eventually face the majority of the player base and have more even fights instead of the same 3-5 whale guilds in your timeslot. Gacha currency is really expensive but it is somewhat easy for a f2p to farm gems, all gacha are weapons, characters come with specific weapons(good system instead of two separate gachas). Cons is guild battles are 20mins long everyday, yes everyday which requires a huge commitment, gacha weapons are all in the same pool so you may not get a weapon you can use on main grid (which can suck for f2p if you dont get a usable weapon to fill your grid with being stuck with low tier weapons) aside from weapons, pvp is heavily dependent on the nightmare summon mechanics, meaning if you dont have a certain nightmare from gacha youre at a disadvantage

Guardian Tales | Global


Very simple game and quite addictive though the story and dialogue is where this game shines. Unlike most mobile games the controls feel right for this game and the upgrade system is simple. Auto function works great for when you dont want to sit and play just to spend stamina. Gacha pity system is good, you can buy any 3* character after 300 rolls. Cons are, I feel the amount of gems needed for a ten roll is quite alot espeically for f2p taking into account there are character and weapon gacha bother seperate and the game relies heavily on weapons. though im not against this system but with 300 rolls required for the pity system it would mean you need 600 rolls for the character and their respective weapon. Worth a try very classic nostalgic type of game.

I have never left a review for any game ever, this is the first for me. First off this game is really idle friendly with the skip function so you can spend stamina fast when you dont want to play, characters are likeable and unique with great art, combat system is simple and fun compared to the other games of this type where you fight three waves, this one is just feels better then most like epic seven or kingsraid, lots of free gacha currencies, gearing is simple too no weapon gacha meaning more satisfaction to roll for characters and not for weapon jpegs. Only con is the gacha pity system resets every banner, so if you cant roll 300 times to straight up buy the banner character, its not worth trying to roll.

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